Not a tender, but an auction. UKE is preparing to allocate the 5G frequency

An auction is undoubtedly a better choice for the treasury. However, experts warn: this is a less transparent process, which in addition may prove more time-consuming.

The launch of the 5G network in Poland is slowly ceasing to be the future for the present. Mobile operators are already testing the technologies necessary for its operation, and the administration is preparing formal foundations. It is still not known which of the operators will receive which frequencies. The tender was to decide, but ultimately - as Gazeta Wyborcza found - the auction will do so.

Four frequency blocks will be available. If a tender took place, mobile operators would have to submit their offers for specific blocks, and these would be allocated to the largest offering telephony. The auction is less favorable for operators: depending on the amount proposed, they receive a more or less favorable block. The result of the auction is not entirely clear to its participants.

Why an auction, not a tender?

This was decided by the editor of Wyborcza, Iwona Różyk-Rozbicka, director of the Legal Department of UKE. He claims that there were doubts as to whether the tender would end in the allocation of all frequencies in the first attempt. It is not difficult to notice, however, that the auction decision will be beneficial for the treasury.

In the event of a bid, operators can raise their bids. And they will probably do it because telephones are very keen to settle these matters as soon as possible, which will allow them to make further investments quickly. Although not everyone here speaks with one voice. - So it is hard to expect that we will want to bleed out, if only to get these bands and provide the state budget with money for the implementation of social expenses, such as 500+ - as a representative of one of the operators says in the election material.

5G is not only faster transfer speed. This is the beginning of the era of the Internet of Things.

The new generation of cellular networks is more than just faster data transfer. Not only will it allow us to access a large amount of data faster, but it will also handle many more devices on a given surface. It is extremely important for the development of the IoT industry, i.e. small electronic devices connected to the Network. Such as smart city, smart home or autonomous vehicles.

It is not yet clear when the 5G network will start operating in Poland. In theory - from next year. However, there is nothing to dream about universal access before 2024. We have already checked the first 5G phone available in Poland , as well as the operation of the network itself .

Not a tender, but an auction. UKE is preparing to allocate the 5G frequency


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