Not only Galaxy Note 10. Soon we will all be able to call from a Windows 10 PC

Yesterday's premiere of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 was strengthened by the announcement of close cooperation with Microsoft. For now, its effects will not be very special, but by the way an important novelty has been announced for the whole world of Windows and Android.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 . Is not beautiful. Is amazing. A real demonstration of the strength of this Korean manufacturer. Microsoft knew what it was doing, hooking up to its premiere. Although I would like to note that the closer cooperation announced during the conference will be effective only in the future. The news announced yesterday are important mainly for Microsoft.

The integration of Note 10 with the Windows PC, praised during the premiere, can be achieved in the basic scope with almost every phone with technical support of the Android version, and in the extended one on several other phones, not only on those from Samsung. In fact, most of the news boils down to pre-installing Microsoft applications such as Outlook and OneDrive on Galaxy Note10 phones.

Integration with the Your Phone application is particularly important. And this one will soon be able to transfer voice calls.

dialing from windows

The Your Phone app for Windows 10 requires the installation of the Your Phone app helper on your phone . After pairing both programs from the PC level, we can send text messages by our phone and download photos from it. The application also allows you to display notifications from Android in the Windows Action Center. Microsoft is also testing the streaming of entire applications from a phone to a computer, so that they can be displayed in the windows of our PC desktop, but for now it works on several Samsung and OnePlus models and only on a PC with selected network cards.

What is missing? Voice calls. Still, to call someone from our mobile number we have to use the phone ourselves. Microsoft, however, used the Samsung conference to announce this novelty. Soon (unfortunately, we do not know exactly when, but supposedly by the end of the year) the voice communication function will be added to the Your phone application. Thus, Microsoft complements the recent lack of full integration of the phone with the PC.

We can now synchronize our data, contacts, calendar, e-mail, messages, notifications, notes, clipboard, browsing history and many more via various Microsoft applications. The level of Android and Windows integration is already significantly higher than what was possible in the Windows and Windows Mobile tandems. And this is not the end and nobody intends to rest on our laurels.

Not only Galaxy Note 10. Soon we will all be able to call from a Windows 10 PC


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