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No Man’s Sky on PSVR looks like 3/10, but it gives 10/10 fun

Exactly at 3:00 am No Man's Sky received a great free Beyond update. The main pillars of the powerful expansion are cooperation and multiplayer, expansion of the base, NPC behavior and virtual reality. It is because of this last element that I came back to NMS. Jeju, how this game has changed. For the better! In turn, the VR mode enjoys amazingly.

VR mode appeared in No Man's Sky without any fanfare inside the game itself. As if he was there from the very beginning. All you have to do is turn on the PSVR, put on your helmet and launch NMS. The game automatically starts in VR mode, adapting the graphics and interface to the optics of the goggles. The only problem is movement. By default, the developers propose a jumping method, which in my opinion is a complete distortion of exploration in virtual reality. Fortunately, both running and turning can be switched to natural smooth mode. Phew.

No Man's Sky Beyond on PSVR looks like 3/10 ...

At the beginning an important parish announcement. The video clips that I made look FEELINGLY HOTER than what the player in goggles experiences. The frame is different, which in a ruthless and merciless way reduces the fluidity of a registered console VR. By the way, it highlights the biggest disadvantages of VR on PS4: low resolution, poor sharpness, quite narrow field of view.

The effect is completely different in goggles. The dynamism of the situation, more frames per second and immersion means that we do not notice the flaws visible on the replayed, compressed video. Hence, you must bear in mind that playing alone, the experience is much, much better than when watching the materials I made. Which, of course, does not change the fact that the visual layer on PSVR has nothing to do with the same game running in the traditional way on PS4 Pro.

In my opinion, the biggest problem of No Man's Sky on PSVR is the noticeable lack of focus. After playing on a 32: 9 monitor, the jump to the VR console world was like taking off glasses. Everything has become blurry and out of focus. As if I was looking at the world through thick industrial glass. The first few or several minutes just hurt. Fortunately, half an hour is enough to completely forget about graphic imperfections. To immerse yourself in the world of space adventures.

... but it's fun at 10/10. This is one of the best games on PSVR.

After a few long sessions with the game, I have no doubts. No Man's Sky Beyond enters the top of the best PSVR games. To the elite group, which also includes Resident Evil 7, Beat Saber, WipeOut: Omega Collection and Astro Bot. Where is the success of this pixelated soup in the open world?

First of all, VR in NMS does not tire. Augmented reality in another game with the open world - Skyrim - after a few hours took its toll. Tired. He gravitated. There is no problem with No Man's Sky. From the beginning, we feel as if virtual reality was a natural environment for space exploration. Whether it's a walk on the surface, a rover, diving or a spaceship flight, each puzzle fits into the puzzle. Do not feel that the VR module was created by force, without vision or under pressure.

What does virtual reality give you? Jump with a jetpack and you'll understand.

The first time I flew up with the jetpack, I felt dizzy. I thought I'd land on my face. When I picked my body, it reflexively bent, as if I was about to stretch out my arms in protection against falling. An amazing thing. Just jumping on the surface of newly discovered planets puts a child's smile on the face. Pure gaming fun. Pure pleasure.

I also love looking around in the spaceship's cabin. Thanks to PSVR I can look freely what I have on the left and right wings. Stretching a bit harder, I can even see the flat area under the wings. I can also turn my head and try to see if someone is on my tail. Like banality, like obviousness, but enjoys immensely. Returning to "flat" flying later seems unnatural and castrated.

This game can be a turning point for PlayStation VR ...

Last time I played Sony goggles so often and so intensively ... for the premiere of this device. Even the great Astro Bot and the terrifying Resident Evil 7 didn't make me as addicted as No Man's Sky Beyond. Maybe it is due to the fact that since the premiere the game itself has become much, much better. I am impressed by the changes that have appeared in the code over the last few years. The studio more than compensated players for unmet expectations. In turn, virtual reality makes it even more interesting and even more atmospheric. I'm going back to space exploration!

No Man's Sky on PSVR looks like 3/10, but gives 10/10 fun

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