Nikon Photo Contest 2019: Poles awarded in one of the oldest photo competitions in the world

It's been 50 years since the jury of Nikon Photo Contest chooses the best photos. 440,000 through all these years photographers from around the world sent as many as 1.71 million entries. We just met the winner of the 2018-2019 edition. Two Poles were also among the winners.

In this year's edition of the competition, a record was broken. Over 97 thousand reported photos from 33 thousand participants from 170 countries. This gives more than a 4-fold increase in the number of entries, compared to the previous edition. It is worth emphasizing that the competition takes place every two years. We are all the more pleased that two Poles have found themselves on the podium of this prestigious competition.

This year's edition of the competition was unique in one respect. This year is the 50th anniversary of Nikon Photo Contest and on this occasion the jury awarded a special prize. An award for the most popular photo of the contest according to participants was also given. As a standard, winners were also selected in three categories: Open, Next Generation and Short Film. The winners were chosen by an independent international jury, which, like last year, was chaired by the well-known artistic director Neville Brody.

Portrait of a young albino girl from Ghana with a Grand Prix

The main prize went to the Spanish photographer Sara De Antonio Feu for the photo "Ayimpoka". Here is the story that the author described:

"Ayimpoka lives with his family in a small town in Bolgatanga (Ghana). Albinism has been the cause of discrimination and persecution for years, and albino children are being murdered because of the widespread view of the relationship between albinos and magic and magic. At Ayimpoki's home, everyone gives her love and protection, and a local NGO provides her with weekly protection. She recovered from malaria that day and had a lot of sunburn because she was in the sun all day. "- Sara De Antonio Feu describes the photo.

Her photography draws attention to a huge problem that was recently known even in the Polish media. According to shamans, every part of the albino body has some value. Therefore, albinos, especially young people, are the targets of violent attacks, which often end in death. They have body parts cut off alive, which then serve as magical amulets that bring happiness, health or wealth. Assiociated Press said that a set of albino limbs (ears, genitals, tongue and nose) can get up to 75,000. dollars. It's good that this photo will hit the media around the world and add its brick to building awareness of this terrible problem in Africa.

Two Poles on the podium of the prestigious competition

Adam Żądło's "Minigods" series received a silver award in the Next Generation category. His photos bring us closer to human relations with farm animals.

"Domestic animals seem all-powerful. I grew up on a small farm where breeding and care, as well as killing and eating animals, were part of everyday life, the natural circle of life and death. In nature, most calves die in childbirth. The farm unbelievably increases their chances of survival. The animals receive care and shelter there. The end is dramatic, but the benefits are shared. The circle closes. However, it is easy to cross the border and make coexistence a cruel exploitation, "comments Adam Żądło.

The other awarded Pole is Tomasz Lewandowski, the author of the film "Hope ... never dies", who received a bronze medal in the short film category. His etude sportsmence, which is facing a serious injury. Now, instead of struggling with rivals, he is struggling with himself and the new reality.

Awarded works

Winning films

Nikon Photo Contest 2019: Poles awarded in one of the oldest photo competitions in the world


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