New AliExpress discount coupon that will allow you to save up to € 13 / $ 15 on purchases over € 80. We tell you in which Xiaomi smartphones you can take advantage of it

From time to time, AliExpress launches various discount coupons with which we can save a large amount of money depending on the cost of our purchase. A very good initiative that allows us to get the best Xiaomi smartphones or virtually any product of the platform, at a much cheaper price.

Currently, in collaboration with the Kimovil portal, we find a new discount coupon on AliExpress of 13.56 euros , 15 US dollars to change. A new coupon that we can use for purchases of more than € 80. To do this you will only have to use the code KIMOVIL15 on any product you will find on this link (Any AliExpress product) and you will automatically get a fantastic discount.

Some of the best Xiaomi smartphones where you can use it

So that you do not go crazy searching among all the AliExpress products, then we collect the best and most current Xiaomi smartphones in which you can apply this discount code. Remember that you only have to enter KIMOVIL15 before finalizing your purchase:

  • 🔹 Xiaomi Mi 9T 6 / 64GB: € 237
  • 🔹 Xiaomi Mi 9T 6 / 128GB : € 257
  • 🔹 Redmi K20 Pro 6 / 64GB: € 278
  • 🔹 Redmi K20 Pro 6 / 128GB: € 302
  • 🔹 Redmi K20 Pro 8 / 128GB: € 324
  • 🔹 Redmi K20 Pro 8 / 256GB: € 381
  • 🔹 Xiaomi Mi 9 6 / 64GB: € 316
  • 🔹 Xiaomi Mi 9 6 / 128GB: € 348
  • 🔹 Redmi Note 7 3 / 32GB: € 122
  • 🔹 Redmi Note 7 4 / 64GB: € 141
  • 🔹 Redmi Note 7 4 / 128GB: € 159
  • 🔹 POCOPHONE F1 6 / 64GB: € 231
  • 🔹 POCOPHONE F1 6 / 128GB: € 253

Similarly, below we leave you the best stores on the platform that have Xiaomi products and ship from Spain :

  • 🛍 Official Xiaomi Store Spain
  • 🛍 XRTECH
  • 🛍 My TECHNO
  • 🛍 OKQI

The new AliExpress discount coupon ticket that will allow you to save up to € 13 / $ 15 on purchases over € 80. We tell you in which Xiaomi smartphones you can take advantage of it was first published on Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi Addicts .


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