MIUI 9.8.10 will bring the “Super energy saving” mode: With just 10% battery you can keep your smartphone active throughout the day

Xiaomi continues to add new features to its famous MIUI customization layer. And if during the week we saw how tests were already being carried out to support the possibility of connecting to two WLAN networks simultaneously , MIUI 9.8.10 will bring with it the expected Super Energy Saving mode.

If we remember, this new low-power mode called by Xiaomi as " Super Energy Saving Mode " adopts various extreme measures on the mobile device, in order to make its battery last as long as possible. As expected, once this mode is activated we will not be able to use all the functionalities of the terminal in a conventional way.

Whether automatically activating the Dark Mode, closing active applications in the background, deactivating automatic data synchronization, GPS or even the vibration motor , this new energy saving mode allows us to make our terminal continue active as throughout the day with just 10% battery .

MIUI 10 9.8.10 will bring the Super Power Saving mode of Xiaomi. Xiaomi Addicted News

Screenshot of the Xiaomi Super Energy Saver mode.

This is also achieved by deactivating a large part of the applications, leaving certain applications called essential for the user limited. That is, once the Super Energy Saving mode is activated, we can only access (until we manually deactivate it) the Telephone application, our contacts and the text message manager. Also we can add the occasional application in a limited way , yes, since we add it, the low consumption of this new way will be affected.

For now, as we have been able to read through the ITHome digital medium , this new mode is being tested in the internal beta of MIUI 9.8.10 so we will have to wait a few weeks or just days for its appearance in the Chinese beta .

Source | ITHome

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