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MIUI 10 will allow to display a dual clock on the home screen

One of the characteristics that defines Xiaomi's personalization layer is the fact of incorporating new functionalities thus covering the needs of its fans. A very good strategy that every day attracts a greater number of users, as it is now the possibility of displaying a double clock on the home screen .

Specifically, this new function that has been announced through Weibo by the official MIUI profile, allows us to have two watches on the home screen. One on the right side and one on the left, allowing at a simple glance to have two different schedules .

Undoubtedly, a more than interesting function especially for those who travel frequently or who have family or friends in another country and need to know at any time of the day what time it is in that other place.

For now this new function is only available in the development version of the Chinese ROM of MIUI 10 , so we will have to wait several weeks until we can enjoy it in the GLOBAL version. Similarly, to activate it, simply go to the Settings application ⇒ Additional settings ⇒ Date and time ⇒ Activate dual clock .

Remember to stop by the comments box and leave your opinion of this new functionality, do you find it useful? What other features do you expect from MIUI?

Source | Weibo

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