Microsoft overhears when you are talking on Skype. And when you talk to Cortana, too

What a disappointment. Apple and Microsoft were to be the good ones . Companies that put our privacy above all else. We already know that Apple overhears . Today it turned out that Microsoft does the same.

When information was sent to the public through the media that the Google Assistant and Alexa are not services that provide special privacy, she rightly and loudly expressed her indignation. Probably none of us feels comfortable with the fact that every sentence spoken in the direction of a digital assistant can be drawn at random for interrogation and analysis by a living person. But, in truth, no one was surprised at all. Amazon and Google do not enjoy the opinion of angels who care about consumers.

It looked completely different in the case of Apple. When it turned out that the voice samples directed to Siri's assistant were also drawn for analysis and interrogated by employed subcontractors, it was very ... disappointing. Apple has accustomed us to being a trustworthy brand. Today, however, we will bully another company. Which also boasts that the security and privacy of its customers are one of its absolute priorities.

Translate Skype and Cortana - if you've used it, you probably regret it now. Microsoft subcontractors listened to you.

At least, that's what Motherboard's anonymous sources say . Microsoft's IT systems send more or less random samples of our voice to employees hired for analysis. It doesn't matter if we asked Cortana to change the song we were playing or whether we ordered another adult movie during lascivious actions. It is very possible that someone listened to this.

As with Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa - voice samples are not assigned to the user account. Subcontractors employed for their analysis cannot associate these materials with us alone. What's more, Microsoft in its terms of service Cortana and Skype Translator mentions that these samples can be forwarded to the company for analysis. Informs us, so the matter is settled? Oh no.

We agreed to trust.

And if I trust someone, I don't scroll through dozens of pages of regulations written in the language of lawyers. I assume that we will get along in obvious matters. I do not know how you think, but in my opinion you will not be able to eavesdrop on me without my consent . Meanwhile, Microsoft only partially approaches me as a human being.

Regarding Cortana, the company must use common sense. The media reporting the finding of the Motherboard editorial team and in the search for a quick sensation clearly forgot what the first run of the device with Windows or the Cortana application looks like. The wizard informs us clearly that Cortana will use a microphone to work. In a separate board we are asked if he can send voice samples for analysis - default is marked as disagreement. Good? Good. Unfortunately, there is another problem.

We will not see such a readable board when using the Skype Translator service, which provides live voice translations of conversations in various languages. It is no good to look in the communicator for the option to disable sending voice samples. Nobody will inform us that we can be overheard - unless we bother ourselves to find and read the regulations.

It was supposed to be different than on Facebook or Google. We were supposed to be safe. And I don't accept the argument, after all, others do it because I don't care about those others. It remains to be hoped that the limit of this type of disappointment has been exhausted - after all, a credit trust, like any loan, has its limit.

Microsoft overhears when you are talking on Skype. And when you talk to Cortana, too


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