Marita is a new map for Battlefield V. I should not suffer it, but it is the second best arena in the game

It was created only for infantry. It's no use looking for tanks. For this she is tight and contact. In theory, Martin is the sum of everything I don't like about Battlefield V. I still play perfectly on the new map. The arena went to my private TOP3 of all BFV arenas.

Fans (have they stayed any more?) Of the Battlefield V online shooter can now try their hand at a brand new multiplayer map. Marita is another Greek location after Mercury that combines brutal war with beautiful views and tourist landscapes. Its unique feature is the fact that no tanks or heavy armored vehicles will enter the arena. The most common means of transport I could find was ... an agricultural tractor.

Marita takes its name from Operation Marita - the code name under which Germany invaded Greece.

The events in the new arena are ahead of the battle for Crete on the great map of Mercury . Before the Greek forces were forced to retreat to the islands, they fought a fierce battle with the Italian aggressor. The conflict was not going for the Axis forces, which is why in 1941, under the code name Operation Marita, German forces joined the attack on continental Greece. The Nazis formed a second front from Bulgaria. Fighting on two sections (Bulgaria and Albania), the Allies had no chance.

The invasion of mainland Greece, which is full of mountains, hills and hills, has become an inspiration for DICE. The creators of Battlefield V wanted to invade over half a million German soldiers who marched through hundreds of Greek cities, villages and towns. Of course, the Allies did not give up their homes without a fight. There was a fierce battle for every square, every street and apartment. It is she who is the core of the digital Marita for BFV.

Marita is a location where it is full of infantry. It is tight, dense and intense.

Hills, streets and houses strongly open spaces. On Marita you have to have eyes around your head, because death is waiting for the player from many sides. We have here a lot of windows and roofs, as well as hills that are a natural area for snipers. Added to this are tall bushes and thickets in which it is difficult to see the enemy. The best example of this is the grape plantation located on the map. Enemies looking for big bushes among the paradise are real fun in grandma's grandmother.

You can't catch a moment on this map. During a 64-player game, no place seems secure. This is not Hamada or Areodrom, where the snipers lie in even rows on the mountainous slopes. Almost every sniper can be reached from behind, and the dense buildings in the central part of the map can work to the detriment of campers. Thanks to this, during the games more often he reaches for a medic or a support soldier. Hence, the gameplay becomes more dynamic and fierce.

The new arena is a place where forgotten tactics and gadgets are useful again.

Fighting on the new map, I noticed that smoke grenades, for example, have returned to favor. Marita is full of smoke. Well thrown smog causes gigantic chaos and is a great cover against fire. Confused enemies can run out of a dense cloud right under the barrels of rifles. Molotov cocktails are also sowing the pogrom, which are ideal for driving players out of the bushes and bushes.

DICE stood up to the challenge when it comes to constructing structures. It is a great idea to build a rope bridge that connects two opposite ends of the cliff. Thanks to this shortcut, offensive German troops may surprise point B, when the majority of Greek forces are focused on the vigorous defense of the easily accessible point A. Such a trifle, it is so happy. Unexpected occupation of the B flag together with a group of friends is an absolute 10/10 on the scale of positive emotions.

It is a pity that once erected bridge can not be destroyed later. It turns out that wood and ropes are resistant to bullets, explosions and shovel attacks.

Of course, not everything is perfect. Oh no.

I am very surprised that the tower standing in the center of the village - the central point of the map - has been barricaded. I understand that Marita architects wanted to limit the number of snipers (which they did well), but this type of simple treatment is below the series standard. Especially since the stone tower can be demolished at any time. Just order a solid bloom or plant a larger load. If it were possible to go inside, snipers would not really enjoy this construction for long. Just as they don't enjoy the church tower in Arras.

For many, the BFV network code itself will also be a problem. This has been slightly improved recently, but DICE still can't reach a stable breakthrough point. There is no milestone after which one could write that strange errors (like disappearing soldiers) cease to exist once and for all. Such a milestone of his time saved the fourth Battlefield, which was struggling with really compromising glitches. Unfortunately, at this moment each subsequent update from DICE fixes one aspect of Battlefield, but spoils another. That's why I'm not surprised that even the biggest fans are slowly losing patience.

It would be a pity, however, that due to stupid mistakes the owners of this game would not give Marita a chance. It's a damn good map. Well balanced, diverse, intense, well thought out and visually beautiful. There is no boredom on it. The new location is hit by storm on my private TOP 3 list, right next to the Mercury and Pogięta Stal arenas. If anyone asked, my five great shutters Arras and Rotterdam.

Marita is a new map for Battlefield V. I should not suffer it, but it is the second best arena in the game


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