LIVE: The premiere of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - watch the video report

It is today. At 22:00 a conference will start, during which we will get to know the details of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. And basically we'll find out if numerous rumors and leaks have proved to be true .

Over the past few years, Samsung has got used to the fact that new models from the Galaxy S series debut in the spring, while in the summer, and more precisely in August, the new Galaxy Note appears.

Soon there will be the next premiere of another device - the folded Samsung Fold. This was to debut at the turn of April and May 2019, but due to technical problems, his debut was postponed. Fold will appear on the market only after the new Samsung Galaxy Note.

The premiere of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

The premiere under the name Unpacked will take place in New York today at 22:00 Polish time. The live video coverage will be available on YouTube.

We also invite you to Spider's Web, because there will be a lot of materials about new Samsung products.

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LIVE: The premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - watch the video


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