LG s ridiculed idea was a success. The LG V50 ThinQ is looking forward to its successor

the successor of the LG V50

When at the beginning of this year LG showed his idea for a folded phone, there was no end to laughter and derision. Half a year later, the Korean company is the only one selling it to customers. And he is clearly preparing his second generation.

Huawei and Samsung have made me start to get excited about the mobile phone market again. When I see such Mate X or Galaxy Folda , I feel sad. Because the prohibitive prices of these devices make me wait a bit longer before I can use these (potentially) phenomenal devices on a daily basis. Of course, as they will appear in the sale, because for now - despite many months of announcements of both devices - there are still problems with that.

A much cheaper idea - and definitely less convenient or elegant - LG has a larger display size. When Huawei and Samsung enchanted me and the rest of the world with hybrid phones and tablets with flexible displays, the Korean manufacturer showed the world the LG V50 ThinQ . Ordinary phone (though well-equipped and ready for 5G), to which we can buy ... a case with a second display. It does not look good, but it is in the financial reach of mortals. And you can buy it for a long time. Someone saw in the store Galaxy Folda or Mate X?

Months pass. Will LG join modern manufacturers? The company clearly prefers to develop the idea of ​​the V50.


A short clip appeared on LG's official YouTube channel, inviting the brand's enthusiasts to the Berlin IFA 2019, which will take place next month. This invitation is displayed on an unmarked phone that has not been described in any way. The only thing that distinguishes him is the attached second display. On the video, the whole design looks refreshed from the V50 model, but I would not treat this advertisement as an oracle defining the look of the successor. Although I would certainly interpret it as a hint of a new company, which will be presented at the fair, the more that the attention is paid to the LED display (?) Showing the date and time on the outside of the additional display.

I am convinced that this advertisement suggests that either V50 ThinQ will have a successor or a refreshed version, or it will go to more markets - this phone is still not being sold via official channels in Poland. In other words, LG is looking for more eager for its flagship phone with an optional second display. What's more, the manufacturer claims that the V50 sells very well at its price.

I'm not sure what LG means by good sales. Suppose, however, that this is only 100,000. pieces. Let us compare V50 with other telephones that offer the possibility of enlarging the display. And so:

  • LG V50 ThinQ - 100,000 users (hypothetical value, fabricated, conservatively estimated)
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold - 0 users
  • Huawei Mate X - 0 users

This is how, then LG is a producer of shives, who does not know what he is doing ?

The LG's ridiculous idea turned out to be a success. LG V50 ThinQ can wait for the successor


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