It took forever, but Face ID goes into MacBooks

One of the best features of Windows 10 laptops is finally heading towards Macs. It is strange that it took so long.

Like the other editorial members who own MacBooks, they unlock their laptops: they lift the cover, enter the password, or put their finger to the Touch ID in new models and go to the desktop, sorry, to the desk . How do I unlock my laptop: I open the cover and the laptop automatically scans my face and goes to the desktop.

The infrared camera, which is part of the biometric Windows Hello security, is one of the most magical elements of Microsoft Surface computers , which has recently found its way to many other Windows machines. There is something really amazing about unlocking a computer with your face, and not with the help of a primitive optical scan that can be deceived by a photo, but with the help of a completely safe reading with infrared rays.

Of course, this technology does not impress users of Apple smartphones and some Android smartphones: Face ID or other forms of face unlocking in phones are the norm today. On personal computers, however, this is not the norm, and certainly not on Apple computers, which we can at most secure with a fingerprint.

It will change now. The United States Patent Office has approved the Apple project that will introduce Face ID to Macs.

Face ID

Face ID on a Mac - how will it work?

Tim Cook, unyielding but fair . As usual, Apple comes to the party late, but in the best suit. That's why face unlocking on Macs will be better than what we know from Windows computers.

How will Face ID on a Mac be better than Windows Hello?

First of all, Face ID will provide not only fully secure computer unlocking, but also biometric security for online payments via Apple Pay. Anyone who uses Apple's service today and has a Mac with Touch ID can approve transactions by using a fingerprint reader. In the future you will not have to do anything, just sit in front of a computer equipped with Face ID. Windows Hello computer owners can only dream about it, because so far none of the leading digital payment providers recognize Hello as security for their services.

Face ID in Mac will also have one more, extremely useful function, known by the way from Samsung smartphones - as long as we sit in front of the screen, it will not turn off and the computer will not go to sleep. And the other way - the distance sensor can allow Macs to wake up as soon as we approach the computer.

Imagine this: you approach the iMac without touching anything, you sit in the armchair and the computer wakes up and recognizing the user's face unlocks the screen. Magic.

And without fear that the computer will turn itself on when the cat runs over the desk; it's Apple, they think about such things. Face ID on Macs will be equipped with two sensors; one for unlocking and the other for recognizing not only the distance but also the shape of the object. The computer will be unlocked only when it recognizes that a human is sitting in front of it.

Interestingly, if we load the patent application, in the "related application data" section there is a patent from 2011, which includes the Power Nap function, i.e. maintaining certain computer activities after going to sleep. This makes it even more presumptive that the above description of how Face ID works is really close to reality.

When are the first Poppies with Face ID?

Unfortunately, we do not know this and it is difficult to outline any time horizon for the implementation of this innovation. On the one hand, the fact that Apple has just patented the technology may mean that we will wait a long time. On the other hand ... who said that the technology has not been implemented into a prototype for a long time and that patent approval is a pure formality? The more so because we had a similar situation in 2017, when Apple filed patent applications for the technology, which in the same year went as Face ID to the iPhone X.

The upcoming release of the MacBook Pro 16 would be an optimistic variant of implementing Face ID for Macs. Wouldn't a complete refresh of the company's flagship laptop be an excellent opportunity to implement the new technology?

Realistically, however, it may turn out that we wait at least a year before Face ID on Macs will see the light of day. However, regardless of when this implementation occurs, there is something to wait for. Unlocking your computer with a face scan is extremely convenient, but still not widespread.

When Apple introduces Face ID to its computers, any manufacturer who does not already have a Windows Hello webcam on board will want to have it. Because if Apple has, we can't be worse.

It took forever, but Face ID goes into MacBooks


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