It s time to dismiss the portable hard drives for a well-deserved retirement. WD My Passport Go - review

For years I have used a "reinforced" portable hard disk. You know, one with a thick, rubber casing, which weighed a lot and took up a lot of space in the bag, but it was impossible to kill. Now I have tested an equally resistant drive. Several times smaller and ... several times faster. This is WD My Passport Go.

The times of portable HDDs are, fortunately, a thing of the past, and with them fat, reinforced units, which admittedly transported and used well in difficult conditions, but were too big, too heavy and too, erm, ugly to treat them as universal discs portable.

This does not mean, however, that the need for a portable disk has disappeared, which will be able to endure the hardships of traveling and working in the field. Unfortunately, until recently portable SSD drives, many times faster than HDD drives, which offered reinforced housings, were quite expensive and often not as slimmer than their disk counterparts.

It is changing now.

WD My Passport Go

WD My Passport Go is inconspicuous, but don't be fooled - it will withstand a lot

The plastic construction surrounded by a rubber frame makes quite ... a typical impression at first glance. Just another portable disk.

However, when we pick it up, it turns out that for a small (10 x 67 x 95 mm) and very light (54 g) construction, which we can easily fit in your pocket, My Passport Go is surprisingly solid.

The drive housing is not completely rigid, and the plastic can be gently bent in each direction, but it is absolutely not a defect, but a feature - in the event of a fall, the vibration and impact force is dissipated by the housing, instead of negatively affecting the SSD module itself, hidden inside .

The manufacturer guarantees resistance to falls up to a height of 2 meters, but I dumped WD My Passport Go several times from a slightly higher height on hard tiles and you can not see the slightest trace after these falls. Although it is a pity that the rubber casing does not protrude slightly above the plastic - it would make the structure even more resistant to falling "flat".

WD My Passport Go

It is a pity that the construction is not resistant to dust and water. I get the impression that this would not pose a great challenge for WD engineers and would not significantly increase the cost of purchasing the device, and would make it an even more attractive proposition for those looking for a durable data warehouse.

WD My Passport Go also has one ace in the housing in the sleeve - integrated USB cable

In this way, the manufacturer eliminates one of the annoying disadvantages of small SSDs - what about the fact that we have a disk that will fit in the pocket, since we must remember about the cable. Here the cable is hidden in the lower part of the housing, without increasing the overall dimensions of the device.

WD My Passport Go

It is a pity that the cable is topped with a USB-A connector, not USB-C with an added adapter. We are in 2019, USB-C would be more than recommended, and for users with older computers you can always attach an adapter. Just like the WD My Passport SSD model.

WD My Passport Go

Unfortunately, the cable is also quite short, so if we are holding the laptop on our lap and want to connect My Passport GO, we have to accept that the drive will "dangle" at the side of the computer.

WD My Passport Go has only one problem

For a portable SSD, WD My Passport Go is simply free. The manufacturer declares speed up to 400 MB / s, while it is the read speed.

In practice, I never managed to get the declared read speed; it usually fluctuated around 310 MB / s. The matter of writing looks even worse - I checked My Passport Go on several computers and on each one it obtained a maximum of 100-120 MB / s write.

The older USB standard used in the device is probably to blame for this speed. Instead of the new USB 3.1, we have USB 3.0 here.

WD My Passport Go

And this means that My Passport Go loses in a direct battle with its older brother - My Passport SSD - which offers a much higher write speed.

WD My Passport SSD wins with the new My Passport Go also in other fields - it is much more handy, it has a USB-C port, it is also quite durable (though not as much as a new drive) and costs almost exactly the same. We will pay about PLN 400 for the 500 GB version of any device.

WD My Passport Go

So who is WD My Passport Go for?

While in 9 cases out of 10 I recommend buying WD My Passport SSD instead of My Passport Go, such a new, durable drive from WD will be a better choice in at least 1 scenario: as a replacement for old, tired HDD.

It is not a drive on which you can comfortably work with files, e.g. processing photos or video. It's just too slow for that.

WD My Passport Go

However, it will be perfect as a data warehouse that can be taken anywhere without worrying about its durability. It takes half the space of a traditional My Passport HDD, it is lighter than them, it is easier to transport and store.

It can also act as a backup storage for our computer; it is also compatible with PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Is this the best portable SSD on the market? Definitely not. But it is hard to find a better successor for old disc disks, which deserve retirement and transfer of collected data to a new, better medium.

It's time to dismiss portable hard drives for a well-deserved retirement. WD My Passport Go - review


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