In Krakow, they can also stop wasting food. Too Good To Go sets off in another city

Too Good To Go started in Poland just a month ago, but it is developing dynamically. The first city in which the application started to operate was Warsaw, now it's time for Krakow.

The Danish application convinces restaurateurs, bakers and confectioners that instead of throwing away food at the end of the day, it is better to sell it, even at half the price. Too Good To Go combines dishes that are supposed to land in the trash, with the user of the application who would gladly eat something more for a bit less.

Too Good To Go in Krakow.

Too Good To Go users can find restaurants in the app that sell unsold dishes at the end of the day, and pick them up. When tapping a package from a given place, we do not know what is in it - it depends on what the restaurateur will stay on that day. To get a surprise package you have to appear in person at the agreed time, pay for it up to half of what we would pay in a normal case, and enjoy delicious food. Raw Nest, Youmiko Sushi, LaStrada, Starka and Moaburger cooperate with Too Good To Go in Krakow.

This solution is not only a relief for our portfolio. Wasting food is also harmful to our beloved planet, which is already not in the best condition. It is estimated that it is about 16.6 million tons of carbon dioxide that emits food into the atmosphere. We have to change our habits and stop agreeing to the fact that every day tonnes of food land in trash bins, which instead of feeding us, poisons us in this form.

Application by application, but wasting food must be addressed systemically.

This is our national venial sin. In Poland, as much as 9 million tons of food landed in garbage dumps in 2006. This means that each of us has an average of 235 kg of food thrown away every year. There is no new data on this subject, but there is nothing to be deluded that these statistics have changed in this case for the better.

In Germany, politicians want to legalize picking food from containers at supermarkets. In France, large stores are obliged to donate unsold food to charities, and similar regulations are being discussed in Poland .

Our good will and change of habits are not enough to deal with such a huge problem. We also need system solutions and lawmakers' commitment to the matter, which EU officials are fortunate to see. By 2025, member states must reduce food waste by 30%, and by 2030 by 50%. We are only at the beginning of this road, it's time to move her off the hook.

In Krakow, they can also stop wasting food. Too Good To Go sets off in another city


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