If the gaming lobby was as strong as the lobby of a firearm, Trump would not be talking about games

We've done it so many times that the pupils turn themselves over to the other side. This is because Donald Trump joins older men and women from the musty Republican wardrobe, who see the reasons for American massacres, shootings and murders in video games. Firearms sellers certainly share this view.

Because it's a scapegoat. People always have to point to the enemy, opponent, threat. After all, one can not say in the message to the nation that the blame for dozens of American shootings is the education system, the penitentiary system, the medical system, the economic system, the social system and easy access to firearms. That would mean that something has to be changed radically. Roll up the sleeves and fix the entire mechanism.

That's why the blame for shooting in Texas and Ohio - now officially and seriously - are video games.

Vinny in the form of games pointed himself the 45th President of the United States. During a speech on August 5, Donald Trump clearly and clearly defines the threats lurking for young American citizens (editorial translation):

We must stop glorifying violence in our society. This also applies to the horrifying and macabre video games that are so common. Nowadays a lost young man can easily surround themselves with a culture of celebrating violence. We must stop it, or at least limit it.

In this way, the owner of the bankrupt casino, a female snuffer and an employer behind the payments, joins the old Republican moralizing chorus. For the whole weekend, they saw at least partial blame for the massacres in Texas and Ohio in video games. Republicans have found a scapegoat, and blaming the blame and responsibility on the games will probably allow once again to evade the necessary system changes. Which one now? It's easy to count it, for example through mass shootings.

The United States is a country where a 20-year-old guy with a post-war PTSD can walk with a gun at his belt.

In the United States, pistol weapons cost about $ 200. for art. The rifle, on the other hand, is the equivalent of a MacBook. Everyone can afford a weapon there. In contrast, for example to health care. According to a study from 2017, there are statistically ... 100 weapons per 100 US citizens. Only a few of the states have introduced additional trade restrictions. Although the willingness to change access to weapons is increasing in percentage terms in the US, the National Rifle Association's spending on lobbying is growing proportionally. Between 2009 and 2019 the budget allocated for lobbying for firearms increased in the NRA twice.

The firearm lobby is strongly associated with power. Especially republican politicians, who in part have some kind of sentiment towards weapons. Anyway, Donald Trump himself is also very easy to find on a photograph with a gun in his hand. As the nicotine lobby tried years ago to identify cigarettes with a sense of power, freedom and masculinity (there was even a cowboy on a vast prairie), exactly the same now defends firearms. Because it is part of American culture. A piece of DNA from the United States. A piece of the USA itself.

From the beginning of the year to July 31, 249 mass shootings were recorded in the United States. It's 1.2 a day.

Over 70 percent ALL KILLS in the world with the use of firearms in place within the US. Annually over 10,000 people die in the US from weapons, of which at least 200 in mass shootings. In addition, more than half of the 40,000 suicides in the United States are carried out with the use of firearms. Interestingly, such horrific statistics are not found, for example, in Finland or Switzerland, where there is a liberal gun law.

What is the difference between the United States and Finland and Switzerland? Although there are nearly 50 weapons in 100 countries in 100 countries, none of the countries are on the list of the 15 countries with the highest percentage of gun crime. Is it better development prospects? Universal right to medical care? A good school system? An extensive social system and social rehabilitation system? Following Trump, there are probably fewer players in Finland and Switzerland.

It is really simple: a healthy human game will not turn into a serial killer.

Since the release of Pong (the first video game), almost 50 years have passed. This is enough for psychology and psychiatry to describe well the influence of video games, but also the media and mass media on the human psyche. In libraries, bookstores and academic collections there is a mass, mass of publications on the subject. Although the work of researchers often differ as to the exact theses and assessments, one is invariably the same: video games are not able to turn a healthy man into a serial killer.

Video game critics have to be right. Video games actually STRONG STRONGLY than a movie, a series or a book. They focus more attention. They absorb more. However, if the recipient is mentally healthy, his mind can easily distinguish the stimuli of the video game from the real world. A properly functioning man will not grab a rifle after playing in even the most horrible, horrifying and brutal horror. A healthy person will distinguish gangsta life in GTA from real life and will not steal cars or shoot people immediately after leaving the apartment.

Physically ill people are a completely different topic. Such units may be more susceptible, may lose contact with reality and should be under the care of a physician. Otherwise inadequate incentives - be it a video game, a series, a book, a shout or even a suggestion whispered - can turn into impulses leading to catastrophic consequences. In the past, mentally ill people drew inspiration from macabre deeds from books, then from films. They may as well get them from games. However, we must pay attention to the fact that a mentally ill person who is not undergoing treatment who is not under the care of a specialist who does not have access to medical infrastructure is not a video game problem. This is a systemic problem.

Which is one that must be avoided and a scapegoat must be found quickly.

If the gaming lobby was as strong as the lobby of a firearm, Trump would not be talking about games


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