I woke up today and found myself living in the future

And for a long time. I just didn't notice it.

I wake up. I can barely wake up without even opening my eyes. I feel a gentle breeze of cool air sliding through the roof window, which opened a few moments earlier, knowing that it is not raining and that the temperature is so high that this opening will not unnecessarily cool the house.

I open my eyes. Through a large balcony window I can see the trees swaying gently. Just a few days ago at the same time instead of them I would see the blind - because it does not rise, if the heat is announced. Otherwise, I would have to leave the bedroom, with the window facing east, before 6 am, because the heat would be unbearable. Fortunately, I would not leave her in the dark or oversleep because of the lack of light. A small army of light bulbs and lamps in my room makes sure that it lights up steadily with the sunrise. So regardless of whether it is hot or not - I have my own private east.

But today it should be quite cold. Today is going to be a pretty pleasant day.

So I wait sleepy out of bed and go down the stairs. Just in time to see the lamps in the whole house go out because there is enough light from outside to illuminate the entire interior of the house.

I walk through the corridor to the kitchen. Of course, bare feet, because just before I got up, the floor in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom was relatively precisely cleaned by a robot vacuum cleaner. I promise myself that this weekend I will improve with a hand-held vacuum cleaner here and there, in places where the robot is not doing well. After which I quickly forget about this promise - I will make it again confidently the next day at the same time. After all, regularity is half the battle.

Still sleepy I reach into the container with food. I put in precisely (ok, anyhow) measured portions of the less appetizing powder, pour water and mix. I never thought I would eat like that for most of the day. I never thought I would order breakfast, lunch and dinner by courier from Germany.

However, I don't think about it for too long. I press the play button on the speaker, which is completely wirelessly connected to the other, creating a surprisingly good-sounding (for the price) stereo set. Not only that - during the first configuration the speakers (with my little help) determined themselves how they should play, in order to complement each other and fill the room with sound. And it works.

Where does the music come from? I don't know, I'm not interested. Maybe from some server in Germany, maybe in Great Britain, maybe from the United States. I don't have CDs for a long time, I wouldn't even have anywhere to listen to them. Even my meticulously built (and not quite legal) MP3 collection from my youth evaporated somewhere. It wasn't just needed.

I drink a sweet slush, which will last me a few hours, unless I go jogging and look at my watch. Yes, I didn't sleep well. Yes, I worked late and then read - of course not a paper book, but its digital equivalent. I also try to get rid of paper books from home - for years, they have only been a habitat of dust and poor decoration.

Thinking about books, I promise myself - this is another promise that will never be fulfilled - that I will go to bed earlier today. The watch, however, has no mercy and does not listen to my translations. I slept badly, regenerated badly, today's training should be lighter. Ok watch, let it be.

I get in and go out for a run. The watch knows exactly when I'm bumping - hurrying me - and when I'm exaggerating - reproving and recommending peace. During the training I know that I will probably spend more time than running delving into the maze of fascinating charts and statistics. Sometimes I wonder if I'm just running so that I can sit down and watch me run. Well, every motivation is good.

I go back home, embrace myself again, and then again go to food powder. Quick, comfortable, even a little tasty, although without unforgettable experiences. It is a good idea for the body not to shout that I am starving.

This time, I don't turn on the music during consumption. I reach for a small black box in which all human wisdom is locked. And by the way all human stupidity - although in this case I'm not sure if there are any limits.

This box, in fact, provides me with almost limitless possibilities. I can check almost anything at any time. I can contact almost anyone at any time. I could circumnavigate the whole world, using only this box. I could forget to take everything with me (except the charger), but with this little box I would survive. Fascinating.

Fascinating, the more that after a while I put the box in my pocket.

There is still more than an hour to work, so I have time to jump into the store. Of course, I don't take my wallet with me - I don't even know where it lies. Ie. I could check it at any time, but all in all I don't want to. Unnecessary ballast, which I will not use anyway.

I glance at the car keys on the cabinet. There is only one set, which means that the girl took our car to work. We don't have a second one but it's not needed at all. After all, I don't have to drive my car - I can drive someone else's.

I reach for the phone and check to see if there are any free rental cars in the area for these few minutes of driving. Is. I reserve. I get to the car, open it - of course with a smartphone - I start it - of course without the key - and move. Not hearing any sound when the engine - the car is electric, and this is not only someone has it for me, but loads, I do not have to worry about coverage. Yes you can.

While driving, I still remember that it's time to pay several bills. I know that when I get to the store, I won't remember it anymore. So I say the magic password, calling the digital assistant on my phone, and ask her to remind me to pay bills in an hour. He happily confirms, I joyfully 30 seconds later forget that I had to do anything.

I get to the store area, but I don't park at the entrance.

Quite the opposite - I park a bit further, otherwise I expose myself to criticism from the watch, according to which I should go a few steps a day. Ok, watch, you won again. I will walk.

I leave someone else's electric car where I am comfortable. On the short way to the store from considerations about whether to pay by smartphone or watch, I get a notification on the latter. It's a security camera in front of the house. So I reach into my pocket for a phone to see who is spinning outside my home. Fortunately, it's just a courier who knocks on the door with a lot of determination. I know him, I have his number, so I call quickly to hide the package on the porch (ok, where the porch will be one day), and I'll pick it up later. World saved, one less notice.

In the store, of course, I do not leave my smartphone even for a moment. And this I have to check if a given product is healthy (seriously anyone ever tried to remember all those E?), And this girl sitting at work has just added something to the shopping list - I cook for her, satisfying my gastronomic desires with powder.

The list is over, I go to the cashier, taking a few more business messages on the way. I put the phone in my pocket, put out the products on tape and announce that I will pay by card. Instead of a card, however, I put a watch on the terminal, hoping that I will cause at least a slight interest on the face of the saleswoman. None of this remains completely imperturbable. Apparently I'm not the first.

Time to go home. I have a lot of options to choose from. I can rent a car for a few minutes again. I can rent a bike and return it to one of the stations. I can rent an electric scooter that will take me home without any effort. However, I choose a slightly more traditional tram, in which of course I pay with my watch again, after choosing the right ticket on the touch screen on the ticket machine. At the same time I realize that my money does not flow to the seller from the account of a real bank, but of some online creation, which probably does not even have a banking license in Poland. But what the hell - after all, I keep only a few dozen zlotys at one time, and if I run out - I can top up my account in a few seconds.

A few dozen seconds after coming home, I have to be in front of the computer. I'm sorry - at work. Of course, I'm up to date, because I was still watching all the important things on the tram, on my smartphone.

It promises to be a few or several hours of fascinating (and I say it without sarcasm) work, in which on one screen I talk to people from all over Poland, and on the other - from other, remote corners of the world. In my free time, on the next screen, I browse materials that may help me in the future take better pictures or write better texts. And no - I don't have much idea who created them and where they live. Sometimes it's the United States. Sometimes Great Britain. And sometimes, for example, Qatar. Good content doesn't know geographical barriers these days.

I still look out of curiosity about what happened to the company from which I bought the smart spider . Ok, they were taken over by another company that is now planning to make clothes that help older people move around, supporting their external muscles . Ok, this can be useful for me looking at the condition of my spine.

And so, sitting and working, I wonder when finally another car will come to me for testing. Another car in which I will check how far you can get on the highway without significant driver participation ...

Some say: it used to be. I say: now it is!

And I immediately add: and there will be still!

Of course, I am fully aware that probably every generation (or at least a large part of them) was and is convinced that it is during his lifetime that the most happens. And I will not even put here the thesis that my generation is the chosen one.

However, it is fascinating how quickly all these new products have become an absolute and imperceptible standard. While I have somewhat fictionalized this story (but only on the principle of sticking everything together in one day - otherwise nothing is made up), one day I really woke up, I did most of the activities from the above list and only in the evening I realized that my lives begins to look like it looked in my childhood only in science fiction movies. There was only a hand-held communicator here, but we already have it - I just didn't paste this fragment into the text, because I'm currently using another watch that can't. Yet.

I was also surprised how discreetly all these elements of the future puzzle got into my life. Discreetly enough that for months, maybe even years, I did not pay attention to the fact that I use mostly products that in my youth did not exist. Ba, whose existence I could not even imagine.

Let it not be - this youth is not so far away. According to the calendar, I am 31 years old, although opinions on this topic are divided. Garmin says I'm 20 years old. The girl in turn - that I'm 12 or 13. But it doesn't change the fact that what my day looks like, how my home works, how I work, how I use life, even if I eat, it has changed in just a few years.

And I can't wait to see the new years that will bring us.

Yes, it is now, but it will be a while!

I woke up today and found myself living in the future


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