Huawei is testing a smartphone with its own system

It is still unclear whether Huawei will ever be able to return to a normal relationship with Google. However, this does not mean that the company will withdraw from the smartphone market. The prototype of the device working under the proprietary operating system is already reportedly tested.

Huawei is still on the so-called Trump blacklist , which makes it impossible or very difficult for the company to conduct business relations with American companies. Very poor sales on the American market, because this does not have a major impact on the company's excellent results. Huawei phones, however, use in many elements of American technical thought, including local software.

Huawei has so far relied on Google's Android system, but this may not be possible in the future, temporarily or permanently. The Chinese giant, however, does not intend to lay down its arms. He believes that his proprietary platform is able to conquer the western market.

Hongmeng or not, Huaweia's proprietary system is already being tested on phones.

It is not entirely clear which of Huaweia's systems is being used. It would not matter - because we know absolutely nothing about any of them - but apparently this is not Hongmeng . The name of this system was repeated several times in the mouths of the company's representatives, it was also said that it was a flexible system - like Windows or partly Android - and therefore able to work on many different types of devices, including IoT gadgets, telephones or PCs.

However, Hongmeng is supposed to be intended only for Internet of Things devices, and Huawei does not want to comment on reports by Global Times journalists. The secret is to be clarified at the end of the year - then the Huawei smartphone without Android is expected to be on sale. For now, we do not even know what type of application this phone will be compatible with - and whether any will be ready for its premiere.

Huawei is testing a smartphone with its own system


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