Holidays in Tristram. From today, the first part of Diablo can be played in the browser

This will not be too good news for Polish GDP. From today, in the first part of Diablo, we can play in the browser. Why work if you can poke monsters in the office?

The Rivsoft studio is responsible for this original idea, which has decided to modify the original game code so that it will be playable in the browser. Brilliant.

Diablo in the browser


What's better, the whole project is fully legal. Before we can play Diablo at this address , we must either check the DIABDAT.MPQ file from the original copy of the game. After doing this, we will get access to a full, fully legal copy of Diablo, which you can play in your browser.

If you do not have the original, there is always the option to play a shareware version in which the first two levels of the dungeon under the Sanctuary and one character class (warrior) are available. The latter option has brought back many memories to me. I remember that before buying the original game, I spent a whole month torturing the version of Shareware (I had it on a CD from a newsletter on games), inventing new ways to beat the only boss available in it, Butcher (somehow I never convinced Polish translation).

The only difference between the browser Diablo and those that can be purchased, for example, on the GOG is that in the browser version you can not talk to the NPC standing in Tristram. I do not know why, but for now it does not bother me at all.

Pleasantly come back for a moment until 1996 without leaving the browser window


In 2019, the first part of one of the coolest Blizzard series will not impress anyone. During these 23 years, the hack & slash genre has evolved. We have, for example, a genius (and free) Path of Exile, Grim Dawna, a pretty cool series about the adventures of Van Helsing, cartoons Torchlighty, and WH40K: Inquisitor.

Nevertheless, all these titles would probably never have been created if it were not for the first part of Diablo, which in the late 90s won the hearts of millions of players. Personally, I was obsessed with this title, which passed only after the premiere ... Diablo 2.

Jedynka was also the first game in which I met with the phenomenon of patches. Hardly anyone had the internet at the time, so I learned about the update from my brother's older brother, who magnanimously took my latest patch on the floppy disk. And now I'm playing the same title on one of the 20-card tabs in my browser, while doing a few other things.

Amazing how the world went forward.

Holidays in Tristram. From today, the first part of Diablo can be played in the browser


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