Here comes the GoPro Hero 8. With 4K at 120 fps and better image quality

GoPro Hero 7 Black

The GoPro company grows, earns and will soon show a new range of sports cameras. There will be 4K at 120 fps, better image quality, stabilization and much more.

At the beginning of this year, GoPro was in the black for the first time since 2017. Hero 7 cameras proved to be a hit . However, time flies ahead and the rivals showed several new, competitive cameras: DJI Osmo Action and Sony RX0 II . Each of them has something that GoPro Hero 7 is missing - the front screen (DJI) or the tilted screen (Sony). Both solutions are perfect for vlogs and selfie photos, two popular reasons why people are looking for a camera or cameras nowadays. Today's leaks show that GoPro is following this a little bit, but in its own way.

The first photos and information about the GoPro Hero 8 sports camera have just appeared on PhotoRumors. According to these rumors, Hero 8 is to have a new design with an optional housing. Three accessories also stand out in the pictures: microphone, LED lamp and external screen. Screen that can be set as a preview for vlogs or selfie photos. Therefore, it can be seen that the designers have not decided on an additional built-in screen of this type, such as DJI and Sony. You will probably have to pay extra for logging in with preview.

According to leaks from China, GoPro Hero 8 is expected to use an improved GP2 processor that will enable 4K video recording at 120 fps or Full HD at 480 fps. Other earlier sources say improved image stabilization, lens and better image quality. GoPro Hero 8 is to be presented soon, probably in September. Who knows, maybe even during the IFA exhibition in Berlin, which takes place in early September.

GoPro Max, a new spherical webcam

GoPro Max is to be the successor to GoPro Fusion 360, about which we wrote that it is the first 360 degree camera that makes sense . GoPro Max has already been registered with the Japanese Ministry of Communication.

We don't know much about GoPro Max. The pictures show that the device has dimensions of about 8 × 8 cm, two lenses and a screen resembling 16: 9. The webcam's design is much simpler than its predecessor. The whole device is black, has rounded corners.

Fusion may not be heard much in Poland, but in the United States the device has almost half of the spherical camera market.

GoPro finally knows how to grow.

It seems that after years of problems, cuts, declines and losses, GoPro has finally taken the right direction. At the beginning of the year I wrote that the company finally started earning. There are many indications that the first quarter was not just a coincidence on the decline.

At the beginning of August GoPro announced financial results for the second quarter . We learn from them that the company's revenues amounted to USD 292 million. This means an increase of 20 percent. quarter to quarter and 3% Every year. Importantly, camera sales for $ 300 and more increased by over 90 percent compared to last year. GoPro has also managed to attract new subscribers to the GoPro Plus package: 15 percent more quarterly and 50% Every year. It is estimated that GoPro may grow between 7 and 10 percent in 2019. It is difficult to say how long these increases will continue. Let's also remember that the previous year was difficult for GoPro, so it's easier to show increases now.

I wonder if growth trends can be maintained in 2020. GoPro representatives certainly hope that the new GoPor Hero 8 and GoPro Max models will help in this.

The GoPro Hero 8 is coming. With 4K at 120 fps and better image quality


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