Here are the first photos from a smartphone with a resolution of 64 megapixels. You d better not see them enlarged

Only yesterday I wrote about the plans to introduce smartphones with matrix resolution of 64 and later 100 megapixels . Today we can see photos taken the first of them. Let's take a closer look at them.

REALM. Remember this name. It is a Chinese smartphone brand that began as an Oppo sub-brand and was then separated into a separate company. The history is therefore similar to the Honor brand belonging to Huaweia, because in some markets (including Poland) Honor operates as a separate company.

Realme was the first to boast of mobile photos taken with a smartphone with a dizzying 64 megapixel resolution . This is the first example of using the Samsung ISOCELL Bright GW1 matrix, which - apart from the powerful resolution - also has a large diagonal of 1 / 1.7 inches.

Pictures have 64 megapixels. That's exactly 9216 x 6912 px.

realme 64 megapixel smartphone photo

realme 64 megapixel smartphone photo

Realmi does not reveal the name of the smartphone model the pictures are from, and the EXIF ​​data shows the model name "Realme Hawk Eye". The photos weigh a lot because the first shared file is 43 and the second 48 MB. This indicates a very important problem associated with high resolution matrices. 20 photos will take about 1 GB of data, so the memory will fill up extremely quickly.

However, the most important thing is quality. How is it

Let's start with the fact that both files can be downloaded in full resolution. Pictures viewed on the monitor in full size look surprisingly sharp. The detail looks even great and at first you can get the impression that we are not watching files from a smartphone, but from a dedicated camera. Up to 100% increase however, he is brutally honest.

realme 64 megapixel smartphone photo

At full zoom, the picture looks like a picture painted with watercolor. Absolutely no details can be seen, which is synonymous with the fact that the optics of mobile cameras are completely unable to provide optical resolution for this dense matrix. We are unlikely to be able to get around this fact, which is why it is better not to see the pictures enlarged. Full zoom from a 64 MP matrix will simply look worse than full zoom from a standard 12 MP.

Nobody will, however, watch 100% enlargements. from 64 megapixel files. Let's bring these photos to a reasonable level.

It must be honestly admitted that 64 megapixel photos are difficult to directly refer to standard mobile photography. This comparison is unfair. So I did a test in which I reduced the files from Realme to 12 megapixels - the standard resolution of a typical smartphone - after which I looked at them in full magnification. The effects can be seen below. These are cropping frames enlarged 100%.

realme 64 megapixel smartphone photo

realme 64 megapixel smartphone photo

Quality is improving significantly. It seems to me that it is better than in the case of smartphones with a resolution of 12 megapixels, but for a reliable comparison it would be necessary to combine photos taken with two smartphones at the same time in the same conditions.

It's good, but Realme didn't show everything.

Daytime photos show a surprisingly good level, but Realmi does not show night frames. Is it intentionally? Yesterday I wrote about the fact that high resolution matrices in theory work much worse at night than matrices with fewer pixels. So it may turn out that the new sensors will be great for photos taken during the day and much weaker for night photos.

We will find out probably on Monday, because Samsung announces the official premiere of new matrices on this day. I am very curious about the effects.

Here are the first photos from a smartphone with a resolution of 64 megapixels. You'd better not see them enlarged


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