Harmful photos and videos will get a digital fingerprint. Facebook has released powerful tools for moderation

Facebook has published its two algorithms. The company wants non-governmental organizations and other services to be able to identify material that violates the law more easily and quickly.

Moderation of the largest social media world is based on one hand on people on the other on algorithms. When a video will be noticed on the website, for example, the author calls for terrorism, the moderator will immediately remove him from the platform, and Facebook tools will assign him a unique digital fingerprint - hash. Thanks to it, the company will be able to recognize identical or very similar material to the one it just removed and also to throw it out of the website.

Facebook has made two algorithms responsible for this system available on GitHub . They are now not only meant for cleaning Facebook, but also for larger Internet connections.

Repository of forbidden content

PDQ is responsible for matching images, while the algorithm is aptly named TMK + PDQF movies. Thanks to sharing them with their partners, nonprofits and other programmers, Facebook hopes to create a database of dangerous hashes, which are much easier to share than with ordinary files. Thanks to this, malicious photos identified on one platform will not have to go through moderation on another.

Jason Clark, CEO of the US National Center for Missing and Abused Children (NCMEC) reports that in just one year, the number of films submitted for CyberTipline on which the child is used has increased by 541 percent. You can be comforted that this may just be the effect of increasing the popularity of this tool, but it's hard not to have sexes reading such data.

It is not always successful

Although Facebook emphasizes that its algorithms were created specifically to deal with a large scale of materials, sometimes it even surpasses them. After the attack in Christechurch Facebook had to remove as many as 1.5 million videos showing the massacre. In the case of 300,000 the algorithm's materials failed and let the nightmare videos go by. Facebook fought in the chest then. The company promised that it would try to better control the content placed on its servers and start working more closely with other representatives of the industry, so that in the future nothing like this will happen again.

This is a step in the right direction.

Harmful photos and videos will get a digital fingerprint. Facebook has released powerful tools for moderation


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