HaloGruszka? Here is one of the listeners. Former Play spokesman launched his podcast


Probably the most recognizable spokesperson in the world of Polish technology-related enterprises debuts with his podcast. Not about the Play network, but the subjects are somewhat similar.

An important part of you probably don't know who Marcin Gruszka is exactly. However, I have no doubt that enthusiasts of the telecommunications industry have a great idea about him. He gained his recognition as a spokesperson for the Play network. And although he is no longer employed there , he has gained the attention of many with his purple work style.

Gruszka did not care much about conventions, he did not have a problem with criticism of competition. He also used human language instead of round corpom. His peculiar looseness and directness gained sympathy not only for media representatives, who were after all the main recipients of his messages, but also for ordinary Internet users. If the Play network is associated with a face , then its former spokesperson played an important role to achieve this.

Well, that's the past. Now it's time for ... podcast. Marcin Gruszka as HaloGruszka.


Pear is not going to surprise us. He decided not to check as a steward, political columnist or cook-instagramer. He chose the traditional form of the podcast - an interesting idea, given the popularity of YouTube.

- I would like to further develop my YouTube channel, but there is strong and very substantive competition. For this, the production of good films requires a good cameraman and editing, and it can be different and it frustrates me a bit - says Gruszka in conversation with us.

The podcast itself will be about new technologies, mainly mobile. - To start, I was inspired by my conversations with Paweł Warzęcha on YouTube, very popular and well received, even if it is quite a loose format. I think something like this is missing in our tech space. No one has time to write columns, and such a podcast conversation can be on any wide topic - says the newly baked podcaster.

There's even the first episode to listen to. Pear in it debates with Olaf Krynicki - Samsung's spokesperson - about the new Galaxy Note 10 phone. The conversation has a rather loose character, it is pleasant to listen to it. We hope that there will be more. And what exactly should we expect?

- As you know, I've always been very open to various trends. I almost started the TikToku channel with my previous employer. I have a plan to record my conversations also on video. - Announces Pear. - The first version of the conversation with Olaf had almost 40 minutes with only one smartphone model. I think about interviews around a specific topic. I will always try to get a little more from the interlocutor than we can read in press releases. Explain something. I often missed it in my previous job - he adds.

Have a say and look forward to more. Especially since we have something to wait for. As the author of HaloGruszka announces, there will definitely be at least 10 episodes at weekly intervals. We also expect, as in the first episode, more interesting guests. - To infinity, and beyond! I do it with passion and sympathy and respect for my guests! - pointer our conversation.

HaloGruszka? Here is one of the listeners. Former Play spokesman launched his podcast


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