Google is working on a subscription to games and applications on Google Play

Google has finally officially confirmed that work on Google Play Pass is at an advanced stage.

Statement from the mouth of the company's representative managed to get AndroidPolice, after the site received from one of its users screenshots of service tests and. You can see on them roughly what Play Pass will look like. I'm glad that the new subscription plan in the Google Store is not just a simple answer to the Apple Arcade , it's an attempt to outbid it.

Google Play Pass has officially entered the testing phase.

The first reports about Play Pass appeared in June last year when xda developers found a few lines of code referring to the new subscription plan. It was only today that we learned how he would look more specific.

Thanks to the subscription of games and applications, not only annoying ads disappear, but also micropayments. All additional content, hidden so far behind them, will be available to the user. From the screenshots, it appears that the subscription would cost 4.99 dollars per month, or about 19.40 PLN, and the first 10 days would be for free. The family plan is also available, but we do not know its details yet.

Google has not limited itself to mobile games.

Although these bring huge amounts of money (it is estimated that by 2021 they will generate as much as 100 billion dollars in annual revenue), the company decided not to put everything on the game. The subscription offer will also include other types of applications.

This is an intriguing move that probably penetrates in part from the characteristic reluctance of Android users to spend money on applications. Google Play earns much less than Apple's store. While the latter company can be almost certain that for users of their phones, paying for such a subscription may be financially beneficial, Google can no longer be sure of that.

Convincing Android users to pay a richer and more diverse offer may or may not be a hit. Everything depends, of course, on what the offer will be. On the screens you can see only the great Stardew Valley and Marvel Pinball.

Apple Arcade is expected to debut this fall, Google does not officially say anything about dates.

Google is working on a subscription to games and applications on Google Play


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