Google decides to withdraw the names of desserts and cakes on Android Q: The new version will be called Android 10

It has been through a statement on his official blog , where Google has finally decided to put aside its classic tradition of calling each of the new versions of Android with a dessert name.

Specifically, as the American company has specified, this change is due to the fact that in some languages ​​the name of Android versions with dessert names was not really representative to know what version it was. And, if even for those who are more familiar, it is quite an achievement to remember all the Android versions and their correct order, imagine for someone who first listens to KitKat and tries to relate it to Lollipop .

Also, Google has specified that in some countries the cakes are not considered a dessert , even creating some confusion. Similarly, the company has considered that as a global operating system used by more than 2.5 billion active devices , it is important that the names are clear and easy to identify in virtually any corner of the planet.

Android Q will finally be called Android 10

Finally, Google has decided to use the version number, calling the well-known "Android Q" as Android 10 . A new twist in the nomenclature that is accompanied by a new logo even more minimalist but still representing the operating system with ease as it has done so far.

Undoubtedly, a fairly successful change especially if we consider that Android has become a very serious operating system , not only used in mobile devices for personal use, but in other products at a professional level. Still, the "bad" part of this change is that we will be without the famous Android figurines accompanied by the dessert that gave name to the start of the operating system.

Source | Google

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