Good news: Samsung has just changed its mind and the Galaxy S7 will receive updates

Samsung are not fully known for their longevity, especially when it comes to Android updates - both development and security. Fortunately, Samsung Galaxy S7 will survive a little longer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are already more than 3 years old, so according to all the regulations of the Android market, they should be at most a spit .

The problem is that from the hardware side they are still fantastic phones. I would not recommend buying them today in the store, but if you bought the Samsung Galaxy S7 a year, two or even three years ago, then really ... it is not really good to replace it. The screen is brilliant, the camera is quite fine, the performance is more than ok (Exynos 8890 + 4 GB of RAM give advice) maybe the data space is somewhat lacking (the base version had only 32 GB), but in the end what the cloud is from.

In most cases, such a three-year Android smartphone simply needs to be replaced, because after 2-3 years the manufacturer stops caring for regular updates. And I'm not talking about adding new features (because here often manufacturers give the body a year after the premiere), but about security updates, which - in the case of Samsung smartphones - are delivered every month for two years from the premiere, and then go into quarterly mode or "standard" mode (read: when the milk spills, we will update the system).

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge barely two months ago hit the list of smartphones updated in standard mode, which caused legitimate voices of outrage of users.

Samsung has gone to his head. Galaxy S7 will receive quarterly security updates.

Hearing the voices of angry consumers, Samsung decided to restore the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge models to the list of quarterly updated smartphones. And very good, because their lack on this list seemed at least suspicious, especially since right next to the same list is a shelf lower Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016).

But why did Samsung Galaxy S7 disappear from the list of quarterly updates at all? Well, maybe this is a far-reaching conclusion, I would not be surprised at all if it were related to the first paragraphs of this text. Galaxy S7 is still a fantastic phone. Fantastic enough that many users don't see the slightest reason to change to a newer model and share their portfolio with Samsung again.

Cutting off users from regular security updates, especially in light of the regular warnings of ever more sophisticated threats, can be quite an effective incentive to replace a new phone. I wouldn't be surprised if this suspicion turned out to be true - one company slows down phones under the pretext of battery protection, another cuts off users from security updates, because other manufacturers do it too, so why not use it.

Regardless of the reason for changing your mind, we can only be happy that Samsung will not remove the Galaxy S7 from the list of regularly updated devices. All of us should care about extending the life of consumer electronics as much as possible, instead of replacing it with a new one every few years just because the manufacturer has too many models in the portfolio to provide them with adequate after-sales service.

Good news: Samsung has just changed its mind and the Galaxy S7 will receive updates


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