Get ready for AliExpress brands week. We tell you how to get all discount coupons and access the best offers

This next August 26 , AliExpress will start its Brand Week . An endless number of products on offer from the best and leading brands, not only in smartphones, but also in gadgets, fashion, accessories, DIY, household items and much more.

Specifically, the AliExpress brand week is a new festival of offers that will begin this August 26 at 09:00 (Spanish time) and will end three days later, that is, on August 31 , providing a series of discount coupons that we will collect below.

Xiaomi products on offer for the week of AliExpress brands. Xiaomi Addicted News

First of all, as of this August 26, we can use the following discount coupons, whether for use in AliExpress Plaza, as in virtually any product on the platform:

  • Discount coupon of € 2.75 / $ 3 on purchases of at least € 45 / $ 50.
  • € 1.83 / $ 2 discount coupon to be used on selected products .
  • Discount coupon of € 4.58 / $ 5 on purchases of at least € 45 / $ 50 (Not always available, check several times).

During the days that the brand festival will last, AliExpress will add new coupons in its "Coupon Center" section. In the same way, you can get your discount coupon of € 8.9 / $ 10 playing a small card game very easy to win. You can access from this link .

Xiaomi products

Xiaomi products on offer for the week of AliExpress brands. Xiaomi Addicted News

Within the week of the brands, AliExpress has categorized all Xiaomi products in a new section where you will find part of its smartphones and gadgets with discounts of up to 60%. All these are with exclusive shipping from Spain, within 2-3 days and with a 2 year warranty .

Xiaomi products on offer

Other seller coupons

Xiaomi products on offer for the week of AliExpress brands. Xiaomi Addicted News

In addition to the general AliExpress coupons, each seller will make available various coupons that sometimes exceed € 36 / $ 40 . In this case, Fantacy, one of the best sellers of Xiaomi products of the entire platform will allow you to buy the new Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro at the best price.

Thanks to this discount coupon of $ 36/40 you can buy the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6 / 64GB for only € 333, using the AliExpress and seller coupons in combination. The Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro 6 / 128GB model will also be available for just € 351.

Likewise, Goldway, another of the most recommended sellers, has made available various coupons from this link , as well as an endless number of Xiaomi products on offer.

Main categories and offers of the week of the brands

As if that were not enough, AliExpress has categorized its best offers and special promotions. For this, we facilitate your search through the following categories linked directly to the products that you will find from August 26 in promotion at the best price.

🇪🇸 Exclusive for Spain
🧡 Xiaomi products
📱 Cell Phones and Accessories
🖥 IT and Office
📸 electronics
🖲 Home appliances
🏍 Engine
🏃‍♂️ Sport
🏡 Home and Garden
🚦 Security
💄 Health and Beauty
👚 Woman fashion
👕 Men's fashion

The entry Prepare for the week of AliExpress brands. We tell you how to get all the discount coupons and access the best offers first published on Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi Addicts .


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