For us even a flood. July 2019 was the hottest July in the history of conducting measurements

Note, riddle: since 2019 forecasts that it will be the fifth, hottest year in a row since the time when we started measuring the average temperature of our globe, what do you think: will July 2019 be the hottest July in history?

I answer: it will be. Actually, I'm not answering, only Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). This year's July turned out to be hotter than the July of 2016, which so far was the winner on the podium.

July is generally the hottest month of the year in the world, but our data shows that it was the hottest month ever recorded, "says Jean-Noel Thepaut, head of C3S, which monitors climate change as part of the Copernicus program of the European Commission and the European Space Agency.

Record temperatures in July? Wait for next year's results

Thepaut warns that without extreme and far-reaching changes concerning global greenhouse gas emissions, next years will bring us new records. The only positive aspect of today's news is that in relation to 2016, this year's July was warmer only by 0.56 degrees Celsius than the average of July temperatures in 1981-2000 and by 1.2 degrees higher than in the pre-industrial era. Also to the catastrophic increase of this magical 2 degrees C. we still have some time. Nevertheless, if we continue to ignore this problem, this magical moment will finally come.

The annual temperature rise is much more frightening.

By the end of 2019, we still have some time, so you must wait for this data. Nevertheless, the temperature rise observed since 2015 is - to put it mildly - much more disturbing than this year's, record July. Counting from 1880, only three years have been hotter than last year : 2015, 2016 and 2017. Average temperature in 2018 exceeded the average of the 20th century by 0.79 degrees. This result is the average temperature on the entire planet - temperature on all continents was higher than the average for age by 1.12 degrees. In the oceans this result was 0.66 deg. C.

Exploring even more in the details of the measurements, the situation becomes even worse. Gavin Schmidt, director of NASA's Institute of Space Studies, who took part in the supervision of research (scientists used, among others, the satellites of the American space agency) during a conference in New York pointed out that the fastest changing area in terms of temperature rise is the Arctic .

The researchers say that it is warming two or three times faster than the global average. This, of course, leads to faster and faster elimination of ice, which raises the water level in the oceans and intensifies the effect of the snowball. Speaking of snow, we've seen nine of the ten warmest winters in 2005-2018.

Global warming will cause more and more expensive losses.

Climatologists assess in their research that 14 events in the United States alone, associated with climate change, cost the local economy a little over $ 1 billion. The year 2019 does not tell us that the weather is calming down. We are talking here about the disturbances in the polar vortex, through which a large part of the United States paralyzed.

President Donald Trump, of course, took this as a good omen and a denial of the existence of the phenomenon of global warming. However, other government agencies are subordinate to him. Last year, 13 of them published a joint report , from which it is quite clear that the phenomenon of global warming exists and man is the most responsible for it.

In the Americans report, one can find, among others, a forecast concerning losses in the economy of south-eastern states, in which the rising temperature will cause that 2,100 entrepreneurs will lose about half a billion man-hours. In the hottest times of the day, in some industries you will not be able to simply work.

The rising temperature also means better conditions for the spread of diseases spread by mosquitoes and ticks. We're talking about Zika, Czikungunia, or Deng's disease. The increased height due to the higher temperature of the risk of heart attack among the elderly is not even mentioned.

The Pentagon is also preparing for a growing number of disasters and natural disasters, which has published its own report focusing on the impact of climate change on the country's defense issues.

Solutions are still missing.

We have such lofty gestures, such as the signing of the Paris Agreement, but so far none of this is clear. The temperature is growing the same as our demand for fossil fuels and there is no indication that we would be able to resign from them in a painless and crisis-proof manner in the near future.

So we do not give up, business as usual . Instead, public opinion is fed with subsequent happenings with the participation of celebrities who proudly declare that they no longer drink drinks through a plastic straw or that they go shopping with their own reusable bag. That is why I will assume that this text will still be up-to-date this year. It's enough to change a little bit of it. The upward trend in the average temperature will remain almost certainly. Said "for us even a flood" fits here perfectly.

For us even a flood. July 2019 was the hottest July in the history of conducting measurements


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