Finally, someone checked it. What happens after the drone collides with the human head?

American scientists (and how!) Checked what would happen after the drone collided with the human face. Don't try this at home.

A team of scientists from the Alliance for System Safety of UAS through Research Excellence (ASSURE) together with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigated how dangers can be a threat to human health and life .

The tests lasted 18 months, and the key element were crash tests conducted using DJI Phantom and DJI Mavic Pro drones and mannequins used in car crashtests. Scientists conducted 512 crash tests using 16 types of drones and other components, e.g. batteries. The mass of the objects ranged from 322 g to 5.98 kg.

drone collision with the head

The aim of the research was to acquire knowledge that will be used by FAA to create future drone law in the United States. Ultimately, research is expected to improve flight safety around the world.

Propellers are the biggest threat.

This should not be a big surprise. Drone propellers behave like blades that easily cut human skin. Wounds caused by drone propellers can look very drastic and often are very dangerous to health. Scientists admit that the most common types of injury are lacerations, cuts and bruises. One case of serious eye damage occurred during testing.

One of the scientists' recommendations to the FAA was the need for propeller guards during flights. These types of accessories are included with many commercial drones, including for the very popular DJI Mavic Air model. At the same time, users rarely use casings, because the extra weight makes the drones fly on one battery a few minutes shorter.

Some collisions may end tragically.

Scientists admit that during research, some head-on collisions would result in human death. These are extremely rare cases, but such a probability exists. The researchers were not tempted to calculate the probability, because the sample in their study was too small and would not be reliable.

Studies show that the direction the drone is flying has a great impact on damage. Changing the direction even by a centimeter can have catastrophic effects. The worst case scenario is when the drone hits the head with two propellers simultaneously, causing cuts, and then the drone's arms and body hit the fresh wounds.

A scenario in which the inert drone falls on man was also examined.

Such a scenario is unfortunately very real. In today's world, a large part of mass events - concerts, marches, sporting events - are recorded with drones. During the recording, many things can go wrong: a drone may fly in a drone, the engine may be damaged, communication with the radio may be lost, a battery power outage may occur, etc. As a result, the drone falls from the sky like a stone.

Luckily, these types of falls are not as bad as you might expect. Plastic drone constructions have a tendency to bend and break when impacted, so they lose energy and do not cause major damage. However, it should be remembered that the drone can also fall on a child or on ... the windshield of a moving car. In this case, the consequences can be much worse.

In that case, how to fly so that it is safe?

The Polish Civil Aviation Authority warns against flights in cities, although such flights are de facto legal in law, as long as our drone weighs less than 600 g. The list of the most important regulations can be found on the ULC website, in the tab " Fly with your head - ULC information campaign " .

The five most important points are:

  1. Fly in sight in the open
  2. Don't fly near airports
  3. Don't fly over people
  4. Do not fly in cities (models over 600 g.)
  5. Don't fly over the roads

If we follow these recommendations, we should not harm others.

Finally, someone checked it. What happens after the drone collides with the human head?


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