Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 - we re starting a new season in the Spider’s Web league

fantasy premier league 2019/20

The beginnings were slow. I started my first adventure with Fantasy Premier League in the 2013/14 season, and it ended around September.

I got bored, I made bad choices, I didn't feel this league. With Benteke there was no Dickson Choto (that gold), well, in general around September I forgot the password and I decided not to recover it. I focused on the Fantasy Champions League and even beat my buddies there by winning the whole league. Because I understand, feel the Champions League, I like these games and they like me. Quite the opposite of that in the case of the English league, where if something can go a little wrong, it will not only go, but it will pay off with a red card, a month of injury, and Pep will think that this middle striker will be defensively .

Well, like the Champions League is the most important. The Spanish and Italians will tell you that because of the courtesy of the Germans and the French, I will not ask you for their opinion. But the English will not be so confident, especially those from Liverpool, who win the Champions League quite cyclically, and in the field of English pitches. And similarly with Fantasy games. Fantasy Champions League is fun for your children, but real women and real men play Fantasy Premier League.

Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 starts

Today starts the Fantasy Premier League 2019/20. I dare to make the thesis that this is the most important of the completely unimportant things in my life. No, I did not watch - like these geeks - the friendly teams of English teams (apart from those with my Inter Milan - this is how Greenwood's idea was born). No, I did not analyze the heatmap or body language of the trainers. Although there are also.

But each subsequent weekend, with short breaks, for the next 9 months will be again colored by the joyful beeping of the phone, TV broadcasts, hours of discussions and emotions associated with competition among colleagues and friends. I really don't know what normal people are passionate about on weekends, but those without Fantasy Premier League seem much poorer. It doesn't take much time (well, at least me - but I'm not very successful), but it guarantees fantastic stimuli.

Of course, nothing is more enjoyable than fighting with friends you have known for over a dozen years, with whom you had many discussions about football, you have erected more than one cup, you work together, and now you can measure yourself focused around a common hobby. Most of us do not even have the English league set as the league of their "first choice" or fan supporters (which paradoxically makes it easier, if you do not believe it, ask our editorial Gunners, who the poor have been running with Mustafi for a year and counting on a miracle). If you're not so lucky, I invite you to our league of Spider's Web readers. League Code:


I remind you that there is not much time left, we will start in a few hours.

Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 - we are starting a new season in the Spider's Web league


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