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Facebook pays people for listening and writing down your conversations on Messenger

Like everyone, everyone. Facebook even without its voice assistant managed to catch up on the wiretap scandal. Impressive.

The scandals with eavesdropping voice assistants began to break out just over a month ago. Companies sent recordings of their users' conversations to contractors, despite the fact that they were not able to clearly distinguish whether the recording was called specifically or just by accident. Well, Mark Zuckerberg, The One Who Has Our Data, not the first of this name, had to appear sooner or later in the context of this scandal, as almost every one regarding privacy. Fashionably late a week or two, but it is already there.

According to the information obtained by Bloomberg , Facebook sends to its contractors recordings of voice conversations conducted by Messenger and transcribes them there. The company does not deny these reports, although it tries to put out a few "buts" in its defense.

Sham consents

Service providers want to improve them, it's understandable, the problem is how they do it. In the case of fairly fresh technology, which is speech recognition on such a scale and in so many languages, they use a huge amount of data. Companies are not able to find all the errors themselves and therefore reach for additional crowds of testers - their clients.

Even if we agree that this model has nothing wrong, the main problem of this strategy is the lack of full awareness and control of users over what is happening with their private information. First of all, companies in such a case would need a clearly expressed precise consent to send our data for testing. This is not the case. The average user believes that everything works as well as companies say and does not have to realize that the system is not yet perfect. He doesn't know that mistakes happen and they record more and more often than we would all like. As a result, confidential information that he did not want to give to his assistant may reach other people's ears. Companies know that there are random recordings, but they don't brag about it. In this way, the ears of employees of companies cooperating with Apple , Google or Amazon receive sensitive information about someone's health, legal situation, protected for generations by the secret recipe of grandmother Władcia for apple pie.

In the case of Facebook, the problem is similar

It's hard to unwittingly record a message to someone on Messenger or not to enable audio transcription. However, there is another problem. Facebook emphasizes that it only collects recordings from users who have agreed to record. However, according to Bloomberg, Facebook's privacy policy talks about the processing of audio recordings, but in words that suggest that they are analyzed by algorithms, not people. I was also unable to find direct information about people processing it . Maybe it's just well hidden and although journalists can't find it, the average user can handle it without any problems. Maybe.

Facebook declares that it stopped sending recordings to contractors a week ago, after the rest of the companies also began to withdraw from these practices.

Facebook pays people for listening and recording your messenger conversations

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