Facebook had a devilish plan for ads in a messenger conversation

Messenger scans messages

Facebook had a bad plan. He wanted to introduce ads in Messenge based on the content of conversations and user locations. Fortunately, in the meantime, there were so many scandals related to privacy that the company withdrew from the idea.

Daylight saw the development of a patent filed in 2015, from which it appears that Facebook was thinking about introducing specific ads in a conversation on Messengerze. They were not meant to be random ads, but related to the content of the conversation and the location of users.

In the patent draft, we can see a pattern of conversation in which Bob is in the Grand Canyon and greets Alice staying in San Jose.

Bob: Hi Alice. I'm in the Grand Canyon. I would like you to be here.

After this sentence, the advertisement of postcards from the Grand Canyon appears.

In another sketch, Alice asks Bob where he intends to eat in the evening. Bob responds that he is aiming at something Italian, and then he receives the advertisement of such a restaurant along with the distance and its evaluation.

It is easy to see that the Messenger ads were to be based on the context of conversation and user location. It means no less, no more, that in the example conversation between two people, illustrating the patent, was "someone third". It does not matter if we call it an algorithm or artificial intelligence. By participating in such a conversation, we would have the right to feel overheard.

Wait a minute, but we are being overheard?

We can forget that we are alone during our chats with friends or e-mails with colleagues. Of course, I am coloring a bit, but for years we have learned that in exchange for - most often - well designed and well-functioning free services, we have to give back the soul of the devil privacy of one or another corporation. That's even with ads in Gmail .

Journalists Mashable asked Facebook about the patent described above. The company's response was firm:

We do not plan to place ads in conversations between people.

Website representatives explained that they often patent technologies that they later do not implement, and "patent applications, such as those filed more than four years ago, should not be treated as a sign of future plans."

Where does Facebook consistency come from? During this year's F9 for developers, Mark Zuckerberg posed proudly against the background of the slogan "Future is private". The symbolism of this scenery is reminiscent of a live quote from Sienkiewicz's "Deluge", which became a proverb (or a proverb that went to Sienkiewicz's novel): "The devil has dressed in a chasuble and is calling his tail for a mass". Here is a company that for many years had users 'privacy for nothing and treated users' data as a commodity as a promoter of privacy. Funny and terrible at the same time.

As for advertisements in Messengear - this epic has its years. In 2017, sponsored content appeared in one of the most popular communicators in the world. However, they were far from what we could see in the disclosed patent.

I am glad that Facebook withdrew from the idea. On the other hand, the patent works on imagination, because it shows what Mark Zuckerberg is capable of.

Facebook had a satanic plan for advertising in a conversation on Messengerze


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