Execution was postponed. Huawei got an additional 90 days to complete his affairs

August 19 was a cut-off date, but the US government extended its time to work with Huawe by another 90 days. For the Chinese giant, this is very good information.

Exactly on May 21 we wrote on Spider's Web that "the end of the world has been postponed ." The text concerned, of course, the uninteresting situation of Huawei, who came across the so-called Trump's black list, which would result in the termination of cooperation with American business entities. This situation is extremely unfavorable for Huawei, because the ban concerns cooperation with Google - provider of the Android operating system - and the ARM company responsible for technologies used in mobile processors .

It was May 21 that the US government gave Huawei 90 days to complete business and withdraw from cooperation with American giants. This deadline is today, August 19, 2019. For Huawei, however, this does not mean a disaster.

Huawei gained another 90 days

Huawei is it safe?

The United States government has postponed the ban on Huawei for another 90 days . The official reason is the network infrastructure in rural regions of the United States, where cellular transmitters are manufactured by Huaweia. Ban would mean the need to turn off the transmitters, which would mean a loss of network. Local authorities were given 90 days to exchange infrastructure.

So much theory. In practice, it seems rather obvious that the masts cannot be replaced with new ones in 90 days. The first problem is funds, and the second is the law itself, which requires calling and conducting tenders. Next, new infrastructure needs to be purchased, implemented and tested.

So you can conclude that the official reason for shifting the ban is just a smokescreen, and the game is about something completely different. The Trump administration is certainly aware of the serious economic consequences that breaking cooperation would bring. Trump himself also softened his post after the G20 summit in Osaka, when he met Chinese President Xi Jinping. After the meeting, it was said that Huawei equipment would still be sold in the US, which is in contradiction to Trump's earlier declarations.

So what's the future of Huaweia? Rather, it is not painted in completely black colors

The G20 summit showed that Trump did not rule out an agreement with China. Some commentators claim that the whole situation was only a political game and a show of power before future negotiations with China. Trump may have achieved his goal, although public opinion will not know about it soon enough.

However, billions of dollars are at stake, because we are on the threshold of building a 5G network, and Huawei is one of the world leaders in the construction of this type of infrastructure.

What does postponing the ban mean for Huawei?

Huawei Mate 30 Pro leaks

Three additional months fall on an extremely important period for Huawei, because at this time the flagship smartphone Mate 30 Pro will debut. We will de facto see the whole family of smartphones in this series. Postponing the ban will mean that smartphones will be able to show with Android.

And what will happen after 90 days? I dare say that ... another 90 days postponement. Trump has clearly eased, and the current situation looks like the effect of legal patching of hasty decisions.

Execution was postponed. Huawei got an additional 90 days to complete his affairs


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