Everything they say about the Galaxy Note 10 is true - the Polish premiere and first impressions

About Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ so far Marcin wrote the most , because as one of the few people had the opportunity to use this smartphone even before the premiere. Today, I can finally add something after I spent time with Note during the Polish premiere in Warsaw.

During the Warsaw briefing, journalists received a smaller model without a plus, i.e. the Galaxy Note 10. In my opinion, this smaller Note model has the perfect size, i.e. one that can be easily operated with one hand. It's actually the only advantage of the Note 10 over its bigger brother, which has a larger battery, higher screen resolution, more RAM and an additional lens at the back to measure depth of field. Nevertheless, it is the smaller Note 10 that fits better in my hand and to be honest, if I had to choose between these two models, I would probably choose the smaller ten .

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 : design straight from the future

When it comes to the quality of workmanship, the new Samsung model makes a sensational first impression when picked up. The very quality of workmanship is the highest shelf, but after turning on the screen, we move to the future. Virtually the entire front is a screen. All this makes last year's Note 9 looks almost ten archaic. Especially if we pay attention to the thickness of the frames - in Note 10 they are so thin that for the first time I had the impression that the entire front of the smartphone is actually built from the screen itself.

The only thing you may not like is the notch on the front camera in the form of a centrally located dot. It is true that it is so minimalistic that it should not scare anyone away, but it is a matter of taste. Moving it to the center is a good procedure. In the S10 series, the camera placed in the corner caused the clock and status icons to be shifted to the left, which was quite an unfortunate procedure.

Many more people will be indignant at the lack of a minijack jack. Especially that in recent years Samsung boasted that as one of the few in the top segment faithfully holds 3.5 mm ports. There are no more in Notes 10. Personally, I don't like it very much because I still use jack cables to connect my smartphone with the car radio, but I realize that I am in a shrinking minority here. The target group for whom this phone was designed and so connects to the sound sources wirelessly.

The only thing I didn't convince myself was ...

... stylus. Maybe in a larger Note 10+ it makes some sense, while in the usual ten, I didn't feel at all that it was any useful gadget. I dare even say that it will be useful only when conducting a presentation, displayed directly from a smartphone, when using the stylus the user will be able to switch between successive slides.

Well, you can also say by force that the stylus will also be useful for taking handwritten notes quickly, but just in this matter, if I really need to write something quickly, I prefer to run the built-in voice recorder, so ... at most coloring pages and mindless scribbling on the screen ( a great way to de-stress).

In turn, about the new gestures made with the stylus in the air, I have the same opinion as Marcin, i.e. they look like a function that is used once after buying a smartphone (to see how it works), and then never returns to it. Well, but maybe I just don't belong to the target group who will appreciate the stylus with all its benefits.

You have to wait a while for the full test


I spent only a few dozen minutes with Note 10, so I do not want to talk about its performance (I can only say that everything worked smoothly), photo-video capabilities and how the battery works. To be able to write about these issues with sense, you need to use the smartphone at least a few days. And Łukasz will do it soon.

Polish prices of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

The prices in the official Polish distribution are as follows:

  • For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 we will pay at least PLN 4,149
  • You will have to spend 4799 PLN for the Note 10+ version in the cheapest version

On the one hand, this is a lot, but I dare say that these amounts are adequate to the possibilities offered by both models and to their quality of performance. Note Series has long been Samsung's flagship product, so it's hardly surprising that its prices start from the top four.

Everything they say about the Galaxy Note 10 is true - the Polish premiere and first impressions


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