Every smartphone can be taken to the beach, but not everyone will come back from it. I found a phone that I am not afraid to use on the Baltic Sea

Smartphones and the beach are usually not the happiest combination. Just a moment of inattention and an expensive phone can become an expensive paperweight. However, there are smartphones such as LG G8s that I am not afraid to take to the great water.

I live by the sea, and since I have a lively and needy dog ​​in my care, I go to the beach more often than ever, especially in the summer season.

At the same time, I am a great antiphany of all covers and cases for smartphones, assuming that this is not why we buy a beautifully designed smartphone for a few thousand zlotys, and then pack it in a piece of unsightly rubber.

Under normal circumstances, a combination of these two circumstances could result at most a disaster, which is why I usually don't take the smartphone to the beach or give it to my wife for safekeeping (although it could be argued that a women's handbag is an even less secure environment for the phone than the beach ... ).

The exception to this rule are LG smartphones, which I am not afraid to take to the beach at all.

I was not afraid to take the LG V30 to the beach, I was not afraid to take the LG V40 , I am not afraid to take the LG G8s ThinQ , which I am currently using. I am not afraid of taking a Korean smartphone to the beach, but for at least one reason I prefer it to most other phones on the market. I already explain.

LG G8s reviews

I have already described why taking a smartphone to the beach is a bad idea - there are many dangers there, ranging from flooding, sanding, to loss or theft. But not only: for example, the seaside breeze can be for our smartphone like the poison "Long Farewell", which Ellaria Sand gave Myrcelli Lanister. Even waterproof smartphones are not always resistant to so-called salty mist and despite the fact that the phone is not flooded with sea water, damage may occur due to the accumulation of sediment from this mist.

Top-class LG smartphones are resistant to this "poison" - each of the above-mentioned models meets not only the IP68 water and dust resistance standard, but also MIL-STD810G . Depending on the model, smartphones are subjected to other tests - those from the G and V series undergo the most stringent tests, including resistance to mist, overheating and sanding, i.e. the most important threats lurking on the smartphone by the sea. When deciding to buy LG G8s by the end of August, we do not have to worry about potential screen damage in the heat of summer fun - as part of the promotion we will receive a voucher worth PLN 600 for repairing a damaged display.

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After a few weeks with LG G8s, and previously many months with LG V30, I can confirm that the rigorous tests are fully reflected in reality - not counting a few scratches on the housing (which could have arisen anywhere) did absolutely nothing to them. And despite the fact that I do not mess with them at all, I put them in my trouser pockets, where sand has spread, I hold them with wet hands to take a picture of a raging dog.

And speaking of photos ...

There is no better angle on the beach than the wide angle of the camera.

Yes, yes - a wide angle is nothing special in smartphones today, even inexpensive Xiaomi phones have it. The problem is that the wide angle of the wide angle is uneven, and LG - as a pioneer of ultra-wide-angle lens in smartphones - is still at the forefront when it comes to the quality of this type of shot.

Thanks to LG G8s I can not only bring the subject closer ...

... nor catch what I see with my bare eyes ...

... but I can also capture the fullness of the landscape that unfolds before me, embracing much more scenery in the frame:

Similarly, when I go with a dog, I can not only take a tight, wider and super-wide picture, but also record a video using the same angle of view. This is a possibility that most competitive smartphones do not allow, in which the ultra wide-angle lens can only be used for shooting:


Thanks to the fact that I have an ultra-wide angle, both for photos and for video, I can bring much more interesting shots from the beach than I would be able to get with any other smartphone. Thanks to this, my catalog of memories in Google Photos is not filled with identical-looking frames from various Polish beaches, but shots that really stand out from the crowd.

Any smartphone can be taken to the beach. However, not everyone will come back from it all.

In the world of so-called overlanding, which is popular in the United States of the wilderness has a saying that if you want to go outside, buy a Land Rover. But if you want to get back from it, buy a Toyota Land Cruiser.

It is a bit similar in the world of smartphones. You can go to the beach with every phone call. Everyone can be picked up with wet hands, everyone can be put in a sanded pocket. Many will probably experience unexpected contact with sea sand (and probably none will survive bathing in the Baltic Sea).

However, there are not many phones that can be pulled over the water without any additional protection and be sure that whatever happens - they will come out unscathed. And if they are, they are so-called "Armored" telephones, which in turn will not be able to capture seaside moments in such a beautiful way as high-end telephones.

In LG G8s, like in LG V40 and V30, I found an almost perfect compromise between photo durability and quality.

And now in Google Photos I have more dog photos on the beach than I will ever be able to see ...

* The material was created in cooperation with the LG brand

Every smartphone can be taken to the beach, but not everyone will come back from it. I found a phone that I am not afraid to use on the Baltic Sea


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