Ecology and economy, or what kind of garage doors and gates to choose to receive funding in the Clean Air program?

Clean Air is an ongoing government program that allows obtaining high funding for thermal insulation of buildings and replacement of heat sources. You can recover as much as 90 percent. amount of investment. It's worth knowing how and what you can save.

Nowadays, taking care of the environment is not so much a fashion as an obligation of a conscious citizen. Scientists have no doubt that global warming in the coming years will have a great impact on our everyday life, as we have repeatedly alarmed in the pages of Spider's Web. However, looking at a smaller scale locally, we already see increasing problems today. In the summer temperatures in cities can be unbearable, and in the winter smog suffers. And although we do not change the whole world, it's worth starting to change the world around you.

In September 2018, the governmental Clean Air program was launched. Its main goal is to reduce emissions to the atmosphere of harmful substances arising from the heating of single-family houses with poor quality fuels in inefficient household stoves. And this is what low emissions are the main cause of smog. It is caused by an outdated, ineffective heating installation in single-family houses.

clean air co-financing

It is worth remembering about the Clean Air program because it allows for obtaining high funding for the replacement of old and inefficient boilers and for carrying out the necessary thermomodernization works of the building. The program assumes that projects with a value of not less than PLN 7,000 may be supported by the payment. The subsidy can not, however, exceed 90%. eligible costs up to PLN 53 thousand. Its amount also depends on the income per family member.

What to do to get funding under the Clean Air Program?

As part of the Clean Air program you can get both a subsidy and a loan. Who can use the program? The addressees are owners and co-owners of single-family houses or separated flats in single-family buildings (the condition is a separate land and mortgage register).

clean air co-financing

What can you get funding for? The Clean Air Program takes into account the replacement of old heat sources (furnaces and boilers for solid fuels) and the purchase and assembly of new sources. Included are also installations of renewable energy sources, including solar collectors and photovoltaic panels, as well as the assembly of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

Co-financing can also be obtained for thermo-modernization: insulation of building partitions and replacement of window and door carpentry. It is on this last element that we will focus today.

If you intend to replace your front door or garage door, now you have a great opportunity.

By replacing the entrance door or garage door as part of the Clean Air program, we can save double. On the one hand, the program allows to obtain high co-financing, and on the other, modern gates and doors will save money by improving the degree of thermal insulation of the building.

clean air co-financing

The largest European manufacturer of gates, doors and door drives is Hörmann , which has 80 years of experience in the industry. During this time, customers have bought over 20 million garage doors and Hörmann entrance doors. The manufacturer takes care of the use of energy from renewable sources and for years has been manufacturing exterior doors and garage doors for energy-efficient homes with high thermal insulation. No wonder that Hörmann offers gates and doors that meet the objectives of the Clean Air program.

Co-financing under the Clean Air program requires the purchase of gates and doors with a sufficiently low heat transfer coefficient. According to the regulation, it can amount to a maximum of U = 1.3 W / (m2K). From January 1, 2021, this is exactly what the maximum permeation of heat for entrance doors in residential buildings will be. Hörmann offers a large selection of gates and doors with thermal insulation parameters that allow you to participate in the Clean Air program.

Hörmann offers a door with a heat transfer coefficient U of up to 0.47 W / (m2K), which is almost twice lower than the minimum level of requirements for doors in passive houses.

Which garage doors and gates to choose to receive funding under the Clean Air program?

clean air co-financing

Hörmann offers many entrance doors that meet the requirements of non-refundable subsidies. We will meet the requirements of the Clean Air Program by selecting any of the energy-saving models of Thermo65 steel doors and ThermoSafe aluminum doors. The heat transfer coefficient of these doors without glazing can be even U = 0.87 W / (m2K). On the other hand, in the case of models with glazing, it does not exceed U = 1,1 W / (m2K). The offer also includes three designs of Thermo doors and 10 models of Thermo46 doors, whose thermal insulation determined by the U-factor is 1 - 1.3 W / (m2K).

In the case of garage doors, Hörmann offers two types of sectional doors, whose heat transfer coefficient allows obtaining financing. One of them are LPU 42 gates made of insulated segments with a thickness of 42 mm and mounted together with the ThermoFrame door frame. Those with dimensions of 5 x 2.25 m achieve a heat transfer coefficient U = 1.2 W / (m2K). However, you can go a step further and choose the energy-saving LPU 67 Thermo gates made of thermally insulated segments with a thickness of 67 mm. In this case, the heat transfer coefficient U can be 1.0 W / (m2K), and with the frame ThermoFrame even 0.88 W / (m2K).

What savings will Hörmann's doors and doors give you?

clean air co-financing

The terms of the Clean Air Program indicate the possibility of a maximum deduction of PLN 2,000 PLN per square meter of gates and doors in one building. A garage door with an area of ​​5 x 2.5 m can therefore give up to 12.5 thousand. savings. However, it should be remembered that the subsidy depends on the income per family member. The condition for obtaining co-financing is also that the building should be equipped with a heat source that meets the requirements specified in the Clean Air program.

Participation in the program requires that the gates and doors are installed in accordance with the principles of warm assembly. Hörmann fitters offer such a fitting service. It is as important as a good product.

* The material was created in cooperation with Hörmann.

Ecology and economy, or what kind of garage doors and gates to choose to receive funding in the Clean Air program?


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