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DxOMark has no doubt. Galaxy Note 10+ has the best camera on the market

Galaxy Note 10+ by Aura White and Note 10 in Aura Glow.

The latest version of Note, as always, everything has the best . Plenty of memory, a huge display, a powerful processor and ... a set of cameras, which apparently no other can match.

Samsung reminded everyone who is the king of the jungle on the mobile phone market. The Galaxy Note 10 presented last week is a piece of an amazing device. Beautiful, functional and powerful - this is a new object of sighs of consumer electronics enthusiasts. It is a pity that such modern and advanced products must be so expensive.

What can not be immediately deduced from the technical data and the first impressions of communing with the phone are the capabilities of its camera. Sure, a lot can be deduced from the specifications, but when it comes to mobile photography, the key element is the algorithms processing the image recorded by the matrixes. So it needs to be tested thoroughly, and DxOMark, which is still enjoying authority, has already done so.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has the best camera on the market. Just behind him the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro.

The phone scored 118 points for photos and 101 for video. The Galaxy Note 10 is equipped with the same set of lenses as the Galaxy S10 +. So here we have a 12-megapixel camera with variable aperture (f / 1.5 - f / 2.4, Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS), a 12-megapixel telephoto module (f / 2.1, 52mm (2x zoom), AF, OIS) and an ultra-wide angle ( 16 MP, f / 2.2, 123 degrees). The plus version of the phone adds to this set the VGA resolution DepthVision module, which is responsible for measuring the distance, which allows for gradual blurring of the background in portrait mode.

DxOMark praises Note for excellent equipment - including a new chipset responsible for image processing and for a wider telephoto, as well as updated algorithms that make photos taken with this phone look so good. - Note10 + combines excellent exposure, color, detail and bokeh with great video mode, stealing P30 Pro first place in our ranking - we read in the DxOMark material.

Is it worth believing DxOMark reviews?

More and more experts in the field of digital photography, including Marcin PoĊ‚owianiuk , note a certain stagnation in the test methodology of the high authority DxOMark. While testing their Mate 20 Pro phone, the ultra wide-angle lens was not included at all. - To sum up, DxO did not rate 1/3 of the camera and still gave it a rating. It is also quite controversial that the Mate 20 Pro received a de facto lower result than the P20 Pro, and still overtook it in the ranking. The P20 pro rating consists of 114 points for photos and 98 points for video. Mate 20 Pro got 114 and 97 points, respectively - notes Marcin, also reminding that by testing the Pixel 3 DxO editorial team its revolutionary night mode for photos ... decided to skip.

samsung galaxy note 10 note 10+ specification price

The debate on the DxOMark methodology is in full swing, which is why I suggest you not attach too much to minor point differences between particular phone models. According to DxO, the Galaxy Note10 is the best. It is not clear if this is the case (we will check!), But even if we rely on DxO experts, the final conclusion remains unchanged. The latest Samsung flagship has a brilliant camera, at a level similar or even better than the brilliant modules in the Galaxy S10 and P30 Pro.

DxOMark has no doubt. Galaxy Note 10+ has the best camera on the market

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