Confirmed, Xiaomi has already ready its new smartphone equipped with 5G technology

At the beginning of the year, Xiaomi announced the new 5G variant of its Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. A new version that besides equipping this new and fast connection, incorporates several changes related to its processor and battery. Now, the Chinese company has officially announced that its second flagship equipped with 5G is now fully ready.

Specifically, it has been through Xiaomi's own profile in Weibo where the company has shown the three necessary certifications to be able to launch a new smartphone for sale in China , said that the Xiaomi 5G era is already here. As you can see under these lines, this new publication is accompanied by the three certifications obtained by the new device.

In addition, Xiaomi has added that it is the second flagship with the company's 5G , confirming in this way not only be completely ready for launch, but also a high-end smartphone , probably the rumored Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro or Mi 9S.

Confirmed, Xiaomi already has ready its new smartphone equipped with 5G technology. Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro or Mi 9S. Xiaomi Addicted News

Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro or Mi 9S, what do we know about them?

If we remember the latest leaks that we have received through the 3C certification units of China as well as TENAA, they place special emphasis on a new device with model number M1908F1XE . A mysterious device equipped with 5G technology that also incorporates fast 45W charging. This is joined by several rumors ensuring that this new smartphone could be an improved version of the current Xiaomi Mi 9, finally being called Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro or even Xiaomi Mi 9S .

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In this way, if we combine the data provided by its various certifications and the rumors provided by several of the most recognized informants, we would be facing a mobile device with a design very similar to that of the current Xiaomi flagship but incorporating this time a battery of minus 4,000mAh , a 2K screen , as well as optical stabilizer in its main camera and the mentioned 5G and fast charging of 45W .

Source | Weibo

The Confirmed entry , Xiaomi has already ready its new smartphone equipped with 5G technology was first published on Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi Addicts .


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