Cheap iPad, iPhone 11 Pro, larger MacBook, titanium Watch - info on Apple s upcoming conference leaked

Bloomberg used his acquaintances to find out what Apple is preparing for this year's conference in September. Editorial leaks largely coincide with earlier rumors. The creators of the iPhone are preparing a real hardware offensive. What can we expect during keynote?

New smartphones, new tablets, new laptops, new speakers, new headphones, new watches - we are preparing a really interesting presentation. At Steve Jobs Theater we will see a lot of new equipment. Especially since some of the rumors and reports deal with really unexpected solutions:

iPhone 11 Pro - three lenses and a USB-C charger!

Three lenses in iPhones 11 Pro smartphones (two models of different sizes) are already decided . An additional wide-angle lens will contribute to more beautiful outdoor photos. The new camera will take pictures in a higher resolution than before. Importantly, the iPhone Pro series smartphones will also not stand out from the competition in terms of night photos. Photographs taken at low light intensity are supposed to be radically better.

Live video editing will also be improved. IPhone 11 Pro users will be able to edit video in real time by applying their own filters or effects to the recorded image. Streamer and youtube will certainly be delighted.

iPhone 11 Pro will give back energy. Retractable induction charging on Pro models will allow you to recharge eAirPodsy in a case, and maybe also Apple Watch 5. You just need to place the object to be charged on the back of the device. The whole process is to resemble a solution that Samsung and Huawei have already in their smartphones.

More matt but the same. From the front, the iPhone 11 Pro will not be different from previous models . The infamous notch will return, while the screens of both models will have exactly the same dimensions and properties as the screens of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The difference will be seen on the backs - Pro models will offer a new color palette, as well as a matte finish (in contrast to the current glossy finish).

Better Face ID. The new version of the authentication sensor will work at sharper angles. Thanks to this, you won't have to stretch your neck towards the smartphone to unlock it. Useful especially in situations where the device lies on a flat surface, for example on a desk, and we do not want to lift it. From now on, this "glance" will end with authenticating your identity, unlocking the device and familiarizing yourself with notifications.

Higher durability, better water resistance. The iPhone Pro is expected to last under water for more than 30 minutes. This time is a safe limit for current models. In addition, the glass housing of upcoming smartphones is to be supported by a new solution that is better to protect against shattering, cracks and cobwebs. It would be wonderful.

New processor dictated by augmented reality. The powerful, efficient A13 system has been designed with AR technology in mind. The augmented reality overlay is to be more reliable, precise and accurate than ever before. Focusing on the AR goes hand in hand with the new camera on Pro models, as well as the upcoming premieres of popular games using augmented reality. Just mention the promising Minecraft World.

No 3D Touch. Repeated reports of resignation from 3D Touch technology . Instead, the iPhone will work based on a solution called Haptic Touch, which is largely supposed to work just like the current 3D Touch alternative on the iPhone XR.

USB-C charger included. Although every new iPhone will receive a Lightning socket, the charger module will be connected with the USB-C - Lightning cable included (currently it is USB-A - Lightning). This means that for the first time owners of new MacBooks with USB-C ports will be able to connect their smartphone to a laptop without any adapters. It also means that the new 18-watt charger will charge the device faster than the current solution.

iPhone 11 R - cheaper, but also better than last year

The cheapest model will get an additional lens. Unlike the three camera eyelets on the Pro model, the 11 R will have only two lenses. The task of the additional lens will be to bring objects closer without compromising image quality (optical zoom substitute) and to create more beautiful portraits with a depth effect.

iPhone 11R will benefit from many new Pro models. The cheapest smartphone in the series will receive, among others new A13 processor, better Face ID, charger with USB-C socket or increased water resistance. The iPhone 11 R from 2019 will also be available in a completely new color, comparing the palette of upcoming colors to that of the current iPhone XR model.

Apple Pencil ... for iPhone

Pro models will be "pro" for one more reason. It is possible that smartphones will become compatible with the new, smaller version of Apple Pencil. This is suggested by the case for the upcoming 11 Pro models , already sold by the manufacturer Olixar. Given that today the creators of the case contribute to the mass of confirmed leaks, the Apple Pencil for iPhone ceases to exist only in the category of myths and legends.

Of course, Pencil working with a smartphone is a rumor that is repeated almost every year. Hence, it is worth keeping a distance to her. However, we now have a solid authentication argument, in the form of a tangible case for 20 British pounds from art. The pencil can be magnetically attached, i.e. just like the new Apple Pencil 2 in combination with the new iPad Pro.

The "cheap" iPad will be bigger, for the first time since 2010.

playstation 4 ipad ipados dualshock 4

A 9.7-inch screen will replace the 10.2-inch screen. In this way, the cheapest iPad will become larger for the first time since it hit the market. In addition, its components will be slightly strengthened and refreshed. However, there is nothing to count on getting rid of frames or a completely new design. It is also unknown whether the attractive price will remain at its low-level, completely unsuitable for Apple.

IPad Pro models will get significant reinforcement. Like iPhones, tablets will receive a new generation of processors that have been designed with augmented reality in mind. It is not known, however, whether these are exactly the same A13 chips as in the upcoming smartphones.

Apple Watch 5 will not introduce revolutionary changes

New smart watches will be made of new materials. The AW5 models will be available for purchase in both titanium and ceramic. However, the size (40 mm and 44 mm), appearance and layout of the Watch are to remain unchanged. It is possible that the new Watche will use the iPhone's reverse induction charging - when we place the Watch on the back of the smartphone, it will give the watch its energy.

New, more expensive AirPods headphones

AirPods will be enriched with active noise reduction. ANC technology is useful during office work, when we are in loud and crowded places, as well as when flying by plane. The new AirPods will also become water resistant. These two improvements mean that the 2019 version will be noticeably more expensive than current headphones. Fortunately, the line from previous years will be continued.

HomePod will become cheaper

HomePod sale

Apple plans to convince customers of HomePod with a new, more attractive price. The smart speaker is expected to become cheaper by reducing the number of tweeters inside the device. The current model has seven, joined by a 360-degree ring installed under the housing. The new version of HomePod will have only a few speakers. Is this enough to beat Alexa and Google Home? We will not find out, because HomePod will probably still not be officially available in Poland, and Siri has still not learned our language.

There hasn't been such a large MacBook Pro since 2012.

Apple plans to launch a 16-inch MacBook Pro . For this, the laptop screen frames are to be clearly narrower. The informers, however, are extremely divided on the design of new MBPs. Some editors report that Apple laptops will be in the largest visual revision in three years, as well as a completely new keyboard . Other media reports that Apple intends to continue the well-known line without implementing significant visual changes.

Cheap iPad, iPhone 11 Pro, larger MacBook, titanium Watch - info leaked about Apple's upcoming conference


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