Changing the sky in Luminar 4 is the function for which I will buy this program

The change of sky in the Luminar 4 program promises to be a revolutionary function. The effects shown by the manufacturer are impressive, and now we saw this feature in the first film.

Luminar from Skylum is one of Lightroom's competitors. It is a program that I have never had the opportunity to make friends with. The application is quite cheap - for a program of this class - because it costs 70-80 euros, with a one-time fee. Luminar from the third version tempts with extensive AI algorithms that actually neatly improve photos, but in my opinion it was not enough to change from Lightroom.

The flagship function of Luminar 4 will be to swap the sky. Sounds like a cheap trick, but the effects are overwhelming.

The announced Luminar 4 is still in production, but the manufacturer is already boasting of a new algorithm for changing the sky. Krzysztof Basel wrote about him more widely. In the pictures shown by the manufacturer everything looks great. Here are some samples.

Such effects are to be available with just one click, and literally. The program itself will detect the edges of the sky and allow you to choose one of many possible layouts. They differ in the appearance of the clouds and the time of day. For this Luminar 4 will adjust the lighting and color on the other elements in the picture.

The producer finally showed the operation of the new function in the film.

Announcements of the new function were impressive, but it could be thought that the manufacturer chose the perfect examples for his presentation. Now the feature has been shown in the movie, so we know more about it.

In the video we can see that the operation of AI algorithms is very efficient. The edges in the examples shown are correctly detected correctly, even on complex fragments. The program reliably coped with the crown of the tree and with closed elements, inside which fragments of the sky could be seen.

The teacher telling about the new function indicates that the program interface may change in the final version. I hope that this will actually happen, because choosing the right variant of the sky does not seem to be convenient. We change different variants by moving the slider. Each slider position has a different sky appearance. I would prefer a selection based on thumbnails, thanks to which you can quickly choose the desired look.

luminar 4

The whole looks extremely reliably. The very idea of ​​changing the sky is obviously not new, because this type of photomontage can be successfully performed, e.g. in Photoshop. However, there was no desktop solution that would be so simple and intuitive to use. Just one click is enough for the program to do everything for us, without tedious clearing and masking of complicated parts of the photo. Let's remember that time is also a resource and it is worth paying for it.

A similar solution exists on the mobile market, specifically on iOS.

The widely promoted Enlight Quickshot app for iOS allows, among others one-click sky change. The application in the free version has barely several different sky textures, and for a much richer paid version we will pay PLN 17 per month or PLN 93 per year. It is possible to purchase without a subscription at a single price of PLN 280. It's practically as much as the desktop Luminar 4 will cost, so the choice will be obvious to me.

Enlight Quickshot copes well with sky swapping, but it's not perfect. The application allows you to customize the effect to improve it, but trees are always a problem. Enlight Quickshot shows, however, that automatic one-click sky swapping is possible even on a smartphone. This makes it easier for me to believe in the assurance of the creators of the desktop Luminar 4. I look forward to this program with great hope. And although changing the sky sounds like a cheap trick, I think many photographers will gladly use it. Let's hope they don't send their photos to photo contests later.

Changing the sky in Luminar 4 is the function for which I will buy this program


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