Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is CoD, which I have been waiting for since 2009. My hope ignited these 13 points

To the network came the trailer of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, presenting a multiplayer game. The advertising material was deprived of exaggerated bells, jetpackers, mechanical dogs, laser weapons and exoskeletons. The trailer is so ordinary that it's wonderful.

I will not hide: my heart is on the battlefield side of power. Beautiful graphics, a lot of possibilities, big maps, 64 players in the arena, a simultaneous conflict on the ground, in the water and in the air - this scale revolves me. I am thrilled by this momentum and freedom in deciding on my own style of play. However, I have not always preferred BF to CoD. I consider the first Call of Duty to be a film-narrative revolution of the whole genre. Whoever went through the mission at Stalingrad knows what I am writing about. Multiplayer also attracted hundreds of hours, dethroning the worn-out Medal of Honor.

I spent the most time in multiplayer mode at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from 2009.

I believe that by this time no equally good CoD has been created. Sure, World at War was decent. The first Black Ops really went. WWII has a great campaign. All this is true, I do not grasp this gesture. I can not help you, however, that since 2009 no CoD has been able to keep me with me for longer. When Activision gave green light to jetpacks and robo-dogs, the more I did not want to break away from Battlefield.

Call of Duty has always had one undeniable advantage - great shelling mechanics on consoles. The feedback between the game and the controller was great. Almost as good as in Destiny from Bungie. Each shot gave fun and encouraged to keep playing. What, however, with a great feeling, when instead of development, the series retreated and collapsed. Limiting up to 12-16 players, flattening the maps and boosting the pace found many supporters. However, I was not among them. I wanted more, louder, stronger.

Only now, in 2019, I got the chance of a chance that here comes the Call of Duty just right for me. The multiplayer mode trailer breathed in me an unhealthy optimism, so alien to the earlier installments of this series. Although Modern Warfare will not be as huge and versatile as Battlefield, it will finally offer online gameplay in a serious, tactical, challenging shell. So I watch the trailer, and also the panel of developers, and I wonder how much I'm hurting myself, freaking out on Modern Warfare.

Multi in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes to me for at least 13 reasons:

1. Helicopter flight to the entrance. Such a trifle, and so refreshing. The player and the team land in the multiplayer arena using a helicopter. Previously, we have the opportunity to see most of the map, recognizing its most characteristic elements. Pure cosmetics, but introducing the right mood and pumping rate before the collision of two teams.

Interesting fact: on some maps we will start with a truck instead of a helicopter.

2. Night maps. Most, unless all maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have their night counterpart. I had the pleasure of playing in the arena bathed in darkness and I have to admit that I was not ready for such a challenge. Chaos. Complete darkness. Flashes of shots. Night fights force you to modify tactics, how to move and cover the area. A completely different world!

3. Night vision devices and laser beams. The counterweights for darkness are night vision goggles. Thanks to them we will see enemies lurking in the dark. Unfortunately, most models of night vision devices will not allow direct targeting of optical weapons. The alternative is the hip series. It is also worth adding that using a night vision device and a laser mounted on a weapon, the laser can also see enemies with night vision goggles.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that the technical layer associated with different types of lighting corresponds ... Poles from Krakow . Infinity Ward Poland has a great influence on the creation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

4. Light switches. Another mechanism associated with fighting in the dark. Most maps will have switches and artificial light switches. When in the room there will be a group of enemy players with night-vision goggles, and we turn the wajchę and turn on the lamps, the enemies will be completely blind for a moment. Of course, it works the other way too. Knowing the location of enemies, we can turn off the light and try to attack them by surprise.

5. Most weapons and modifications in history. The creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare boast that in their production there will be the most weapons, gadgets and modifications. We will be able to choose accessories from 30 to 60 compatible modules for EACH givera. Of course, the quantity does not always go hand in hand with quality, but personally I do not mind. Unlocking brand new, shiny equipment is one of the most enjoyable things related to the development of a multiplayer account.

6. Volumetric light for everyone. On Battlefield 1 servers there were fatal situations related to changing game conditions. For example, one player saw a sandstorm on a desert map while the other sun shone. There is no doubt which player gained the advantage of unsymmetrical modification of the environment.

Fortunately, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, every special effect, every cloud of smoke and every ray of the sun will be equally seen by EVERY player. Like cliché, but technically hard to achieve and not as common as you might think. Sometimes you do not even know how the visual experiences of your colleagues and yourself are different.

7. Vehicles! That's right. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will allow you to control military vehicles and fire them through them. Of course, the use of machines will not be carried out on such a scale as in Battlefield, and probably will only apply to parts from all multiplayer modes. Which does not change the fact that it is a step in the right direction. One tank will not come out of the series bad, and can bring a breath of freshness to the game.

PS Trailer suggests that players will be able to move also on quads. These will be helpful especially on larger maps.

8. Fascinated realism. I do not want to do a second ARMY with CoD. It's nice to see that the producers decide to take a slightly more serious approach to the subject. Talking to employees at Infinity Wars Poland, I learned that the developers had dozens of talks with military specialists, and visited at least several regions where modern armed conflicts were taking place.

It is pleasant to look at this group crawling through corridors in night-vision goggles. On balancing the door and protecting each other. Of course, the current game will be significantly different, but it seems that the foundations will remain the same: it will be a little more serious, a bit more professional, a bit more seriously. Yummy.

9. Asymmetrical maps. The arenas in earlier versions of Call of Duty were based on a symmetrical donut model with a hole in the middle (original concept). Players ran around such a donut, looking for enemies before them. If they stood still, the enemies would be on their backs. All through a dynamic, aggressive respawn system that forces you to constantly run and search for the enemy. Each room has at least two entrances, and safe hollows do not exist. It has to be fast. It has to be intense. It has to be forward.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare it will be a bit different. The arenas will finally become asymmetric in character. This means that at least some of the rooms will be replaced with sniper sockets and we will not have to be afraid of a respawn drover in at least part of the buildings. Locations will gain realism thanks to this, and more conservative players will not feel like running on a marathon.

10. 20 vs 20! During the panel on multiplayer, you could see the struggles of two teams of 20 members. A wonderful shift of the numerical border, taking into account that the duels of 12 players at the same time are standard. Now we have at least 40 of these players. The question of how such a mass of soldiers will be written on new maps, divided into five control flags (in the background you can hear the battlefield music theme).

11. Lack of seasonal pass. All new maps, weapons and modes will be made available to players for free. Where is the catch? Of course in micro-transactions. The game will be stuffed with random content boxes, paid skins, experiment boosters, and so on. If the season pass was retained, this type of micro-transactions would probably land in the game anyway (Black Ops 4 example). We can therefore complain about them from the new maps, without sharing the community with DLC owners and owners of thinner wallets.

12. No more classes and "super" . The creators of Call of Duty have stopped suffering from Overwatch Syndrome and are returning to their roots. The operators no longer have unique special abilities, and each player can create their own class from scratch, choosing among different weapons, gadgets, perks and kill-streaks. Because you know, sometimes a step back is a step in the right direction.

13. Cross-play depends on the controller. You connect to PC and play with people on XONE and PS4. You connect the mouse to the Xbox and play with people on Windows 10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will try to bridge the differences between the platforms, and the key selection of rivals will include type of controller used. The developers immediately point out that the exchange falls on the mouse in the middle of the game, it will be useless. The game will block the rodent and allow you to continue playing only through the rain.

Bonus. And if so 100 players ... It seems that Activision can not let go of the battle royale module. This is evidenced by a press release in which the publisher of Modern Warfare mentions a new mode called Ground War. This is designed to hold up to 100 players at the same time. Unfortunately, nothing more is known about the topic of GW. However, taking into account the number of players, we can expect another attempt to take customers to extremely profitable giants like Fortnite or PUBG.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is CoD, which I have been waiting for since 2009. My hope ignited these 13 points


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