Better offer, less spending, more gigabytes. These are the new Orange Flex tariffs

Orange corrects the exchange rate. After three months of watching users, the operator changes Orange Flex tariffs.

During the first three months since the introduction of Orange Flex, we have listened carefully to the comments and suggestions of our customers. Orange Flex users are very active Internet users, consuming an average of over 13 GB per month.

That is why we decided to introduce changes in the offer to provide the best product that meets their needs

With these words Artur Stankiewicz, Consumer Market Marketing Director at Orange Polska, justifies the changes in the offer at the beginning of the official press release.

"Operator in the application", as you can call Orange Flex, made quite a fuss at the time of release . After three months of watching how recipients respond to this new service, Orange drew conclusions and came back with changes.

Orange Flex - new tariffs

Since the start of Flex, most services had unlimited services - this did not apply only to data packets, which until now began from 6 GB in the cheapest to 100 GB in the most expensive.

However, there have been too many packages so far. When choosing Orange Flex services we had as many as 10 variants of the offer to choose from. After analyzing user behavior, Orange decided to simplify the offer and now there are only four packages to choose from, differing in the number of gigabytes available in Poland and abroad:

Orange Flex new tariffs

It is not only cheaper, but also the GB limit has been raised for each packet. And so the cheapest package, which previously cost 31 PLN and gave only 6 GB, now costs 6 PLN less and gives 15 GB. Paying 5 zlotys, we have 30 GB - five times more than in the cheapest cheapest tariff. These changes are definitely in plus .

In addition, each tariff in the standard is covered in Poland. "Social pass" - social networks do not count towards the gigabyte limit. For the average Orange Flex customer this is very good news, because according to Orange analysis, it consumes over 3 GB per month on social media.

We can also buy Music and Video Pass for each package so that applications such as Spotify or Netflix do not use the gigabyte limit.

Orange Flex - why is it worth it?

Piotrek Barycki , who moved to Flex himself, made a great text on this subject. In a nutshell, Flex is an offer addressed primarily to young people (specifically in the range of 25-39 years), who are not sustained by formalities and salon visits.

To use Flex, just install the application, "click" through the activation procedure and voila, ready. In addition, if our smartphone supports eSIM technology , we do not even need a physical piece of plastic - everything is done on the phone, without getting up from the couch.

After changing packages to new "operator in the application" has become even more profitable. So profitable that in principle we can already order a tombstone for a traditional prepaid, because in the next few years it will not make sense to use it.

Better offer, less spending, more gigabytes. These are the new Orange Flex tariffs


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