Better late than never. WhatsApp gets fingerprint login

Facebook has been delaying the addition of biometric authentication in WhatsApp for a very long time. At least on Android, because iPhone users have been using it for some time.

It is difficult to understand why we had to wait so long for the addition of fingerprint reader support to the WhatsApp messenger, given the huge popularity of this Facebook service. The iOS client version of the application has been supporting Touch ID for some time, but the edition on the much more popular Android still makes us rely on the old-fashioned PIN code. Fortunately, this will change soon.

The editors of MSPoweruser participate in semi-open beta testing of applications and noticed that in the latest build, the expected support for fingerprint authentication has finally appeared. It works without any problems and can be configured to your needs.

Fingerprint authentication in the WhatsApp app on Android

Fingerprint support will appear in the application settings, available in Menu -> Settings -> Account settings . This feature requires Android version Marshmallow or newer. We can decide if WhatsApp asks us for a fingerprint each time we start or switch to the application, after a minute of inactivity or after 30 minutes of inactivity.

If we enable fingerprint authentication, we can additionally decide whether we want to see the received messages in the notification center without authentication. This setting also includes application widgets on the home screen, if any.

We don't know yet when the WhatsApp beta testing with biometric user authentication will end. We've been waiting for this for a very long time - even too long. It is difficult to understand, considering the immense popularity of this messenger and the fact that it is promoted as a secure, non-private form of communication.

Better late than never. WhatsApp gets fingerprint login


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