Before we burn Cejrowski at the stake, let s read what he actually wrote about the fires in the Amazon

CEOrowski does not believe in fires

Today, the media widely and in a not very flattering style publishes the statement of Wojciech Cejrowski, a journalist-scandalist, about the fires in the Amazon. The media focused on the character himself, not what Cejrowski writes.

Wojciech Cejrowski is certainly not known for being known - like a significant part of famous people on TV . He ran many years ago known and liked satirical programs, promoted country music in our country. He is also a traveler - he visited barefoot a significant part of South and Central America, which he described in several very interesting books. However, he is best known for his views. And it's so extreme that we would probably never get along with Mr. Wojciech.

Wojciech Cejrowski is a very religious person and is not afraid to publicly manifest his faith - as well as very conservative views. I often read his statements with sadness, because just as I had a great time with WC Kwadrans programs or reading his books, as a progressive atheist who believes faith as a problem, not an advantage of modern society, I consider a lot of Mr. Cejrowski's statements gently in very harmful terms. It's a pity, but maybe let's get to the point.

"I don't believe you, I don't want to believe in these fires." -GjPCx2aH2Z9OOzNrkoka20cCha8_xr5cmulLz7UxoIuS60lLQNLCeNw & __ __ = tn - R

In a short column published on Facebook profile, Mr. Cejrowski questions the naturalness of the Amazon jungle fires. Citing his own extensive experience, he claims that the jungle is not flammable. And that to burn a small fragment of it, you need to work hard. Journalist-traveler even claims that if it were not for films documenting the disaster, he would have found news about the fire crazy. - I don't want to believe in these fires. And at the same time I feel stupid to say this when I see movies. Ha! Or maybe someone set fire to the oil? I do not know - he comments.

A large part of the Polish media took on wallpaper Mr. Cejrowski's statement, basically - at least according to the authors of these publications - tearing it to shreds. The problem is that the mockery of bewilderment worked here , clicks . It did not take a long process of verifying the facts to realize that Cejrowski's commentary is not only not foolish, but rather not very revealing.

"If someone gave me the task of setting fire to a large stretch of forest in the Amazon, I'd ask him for napalm or dynamite to blow up the oil pipeline."

I know about the flammability of rainforests as much as I know about Russian ballet. Fortunately, I didn't have to search for knowledge from educated people for a long time to verify Mr. Cejrowski's words. In almost every report from well-known American media there is a so-called expert section in which he comments on current events, supplementing the reporter's materials with relevant knowledge.

And in almost every (I not checked absolutely all, almost hence buoyancy) expert confirms the words of Polish traveler. Even in the CNN way of thinking which is associated mainly with the left, which - at least according to stereotypes - would most likely relieve the whole tragedy on global warming, we read an opinion similar to the words of a Polish traveler. - Most of these fires are arson. Even in the dry season, Amazonia - a humid rainforest - is difficult to set fire to, it is not the dry vegetation of California or Australia - comments CNN Christian Poirier, head of the Amazon Watch organization.

Two from the media maturity exam.

Listen, I understand everything. I am not sure myself whether I like Mr. Cejrowski or not. I value knowledge, intelligence and a brilliant sense of humor associated with it. I do not tolerate the views forced by the journalist, which I consider - I write only on my behalf - as harmful. So I understand why the media centered around leftist ideas are only looking for a way to ridicule the right-wing opponent.

Hell, it's not time, not a place, and not a time.

The Amazon jungle plays a key role in converting carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to oxygen. It is called the lungs of the earth for a reason. The disastrous destruction of this place is a problem for all of us, not just distant Brazil or America. The whole world should unite and enforce immediate action from President Bolsonaro in Brazil - and it is suspected that burning the jungle probably under pasture is taking place with his more or less quiet consent.

Meanwhile, in the Polish opinion-forming media narrative like "hy hy, Cejroski does not believe in fires, stupid Catholic, bring him to the homepage, maybe we will remind you what he said about abortion and gays." Well done, Polish media. We are facing an unprecedented threat to us all, and you cannot rise above your pettiness. These are events of incomparably higher importance than maintaining / removing Kaczyński from power or the rest of the abstract political disputes.

Cejrowski's commentary is at most not very interesting, because it is secondary. It does not contribute much, so if someone has a gigantic problem with its author, I suggest ignoring it. Meanwhile, twisting his speech and poking fun at it is not only petty. Given the scale of the problem, it's downright silly and irresponsible.

Before we burn Cejrowski at the stake, let's read what he actually wrote about the fires in the Amazon


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