Bank Pekao customers can already confirm their identity using the MojeID service

As announced, the cooperation of Bank Pekao SA with the National Clearing House has found its lucky finale. From now on, Pekao customers can use the MojeID service and thus confirm their identity in public service institutions.

After PKO Bank Polski, PGNiG Retail Trading and ING Bank Śląski, time has come for Bank Pekao SA. Now its clients can also use the MojeID identity confirmation service.

We are an active participant in works on services facilitating the functioning of the digital economy, an example of which is to provide our customers with a modern solution in the field of electronic identification online as part of the MojeID service - ensures Bartosz Zborowski , director of the Innovation and Payment Department at Bank Pekao SA

mojeID, meaning life is simpler.

mojeID is a service provided by the National Clearing House (KIR). Fills the gap in the increasingly thriving e-commerce when it comes to confirming identity. Thanks to this, you don't have to go to the office, insurer, energy supplier, medical facility or telecommunications company to finalize the contract or sign documents. You can do it remotely.

The needs of banks regarding the digitization of services are increasing. The situation is no different in e.g. e-commerce or other areas of online services. As a technological partner of the banking sector, we provide new solutions that make up the ecosystem of advanced and secure digital solutions. We are glad that Bank Pekao SA joins the MojeID service and provides its clients with the possibility to use online identity confirmation - says Piotr Alicki, President of the Management Board of KIR.

How it's working?

If we want to use myID, we must first select this option on the website of the service provider or office, provided that the entity offers identity confirmation in this way. Then choose your bank from the list of myID users. The system will direct us to this bank's website, where we enter our password and login. After accepting the data transfer process, we will return to the website we originally wanted to use.

Bank Pekao customers can now confirm their identity using the MojeID service


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