Bank Millennium application with new features. You will receive an invoice for driving on the highway

After the May revolution, now the Bank Millennium mobile application has faced a facelift. There are not many changes, but they have a chance to hit the tastes of users.

The long-announced change in the Bank Millennium mobile application came at the end of May. At that time, Halina Karpińska, director of the Electronic Banking Department at Bank Millennium, argued that they want to surprise the customer, bring him a "wow effect" and a smile on his face. Therefore, they will suggest things that users do not expect from the bank.

In this way, the new version of the application has found a place, among others on the choice of travel insurer or the ability to add notes to the transaction. Finally, the mobile locker kept all payment cards in one place, and Miller's assistant could check expenses and make transfers. Now the bank is adding more to its smartphone solutions.

The mobile application will issue an invoice for a highway.

The biggest new products concern the Autopay service , which enables automatic payments for motorways. Now it has gained additional functions. The history of journeys with details appeared in the 'Payments-Transport-Motorways' tab. The user can also issue and receive invoices for journeys with their full service.

In the service settings, the customer can define invoice data (the data will be substituted automatically if the customer has previously registered in Blue Media) and the periodicity of issuing them - monthly or after each trip. Invoices are generated automatically, you can also download a document image in the application.

In Autopay you can also change the payment source as well as the category of the vehicle added to the system. Recall: the Bank Millennium mobile application for such payments allows only on the A1 motorway, on the Nowa Wieś - Rusocin section and on the A4, on the Kraków-Katowice section.

Bank Millennium Autopay mobile application

Change the look of the home page on your phone and laptop.

The latest version of the Millennium application also allows the user to change the home page view after logging in. Importantly, the changes made to the application also affect the main page in Millenet - the website of Bank Millennium.

It was also decided to listen to the comments of users and in the new version of the application Milla's assistant gained a new skill: handling balance requests. The ability to navigate to functions in the application will also be added soon.

Bank Millennium application with new features. You will receive an invoice for driving on the highway


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