Bad news for avid game developers. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will cut down on gambling and loot boxes

Leading gaming console manufacturers are working on curbing the scourge of so-called loot boxes in games. We will no longer spend money on items and accessories. Although we clearly want to.

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would buy money for add-ons with content I didn't know, I would laugh at this person. And ... I would be partly right, I never spent a single zloty on random gaming prizes. However, I clearly belong to a minority, because game producers earn huge money on loot boxes.

Loot boxes, an explanation for the uninitiated, is a jargon term for boxes with random content that we get for special achievements in games or ... for money. The content of these boxes is unknown until they are received or purchased. Perhaps for the 2.99 PLN we will get a nice disguise for our virtual knight and a rare, legendary sword. And maybe for the same money a shrot will be presented to us. Oh, gambling.

Loot boxes became loud during the Battlefield II game. Console manufacturers have quite a controversy, it harms their products.

It would seem that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will support the gaming industry in its idea for additional earnings. After all, no players force you to buy loot boxes, they are happy to spend money on them. And for every transaction made as part of an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo network, its operators receive a commission.

The problem is that higher forces have become interested in the phenomenon of loot boxes. Concerned parents, psychologists and even politicians who quite accurately compare boxes of unknown content with gambling. After all, it's only a few hundred cents, no regrets to spend on another inbox. And another one because it had poor content. And maybe a few more. Such controversy is not needed by companies that want to put their consoles in every home.

According to , Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are working independently on a system that civilizes trading loot boxes. The mechanisms they design are, however, very similar to make life easier for developers of multiplatform games and basically come down to informing the player about the chances he has to draw a given type of content. So, for example, we'll get information that we have 10 percent. chance for a rare item, 5% on the legendary, 25 percent universal, and so on.

The changes are to concern new games and updates extending existing games with gambling mechanisms.

This means that these games, which are already offered as part of the Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo networks, will function as before. Future games are to apply to the new rules - with the update introducing loot boxes to the already sold title also counts as a new game . It is not clear, however, when the new rules would come into force on each platform.

The commentary seems basically redundant. It is difficult to prohibit adults from gambling - their money, their business. But it is also difficult to find any damage in the information provided by game developers that the chances of finding the legendary sword in a loot box are so low that it may not be worth wasting money on it.

Bad news for avid game developers. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft will cut down gambling and loot boxes


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