Backup on vacation, or how to not lose travel photos

Photos are for me the most important souvenir from each trip. How to take care of backup outside the home? You do not need to buy additional devices, because a smartphone is enough for backup. I will show it using the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition .

When we go on vacation, we definitely want to bring nice pictures. For many people, a trip is an opportunity to shoot in much more interesting conditions than on a daily basis, which motivates and stimulates creativity in looking for frames. Few people think in such conditions about the possibility of losing photos, but Murphy's laws are inexorable. For this reason, it's a good idea to make a backup copy.

People are said to be divided into two groups: those who are backing up and those who are just starting out

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition # 1tbchallenge

I belong to the first group, although I joined it only after a painful experience. During my honeymoon, I lost my memory card, and with it 3 days of photos from a place I won't return to soon, i.e. from Ubud, Bali. I once described this story on Spider's Web .

In a nutshell: the camera caused a write error on the memory card. The error was so serious that the material could not be recovered by conventional methods. You had to unfold the card, solder to the memory dice and rip the raw material in the form of a string of ones and zeros. Then it was necessary to create a decoding algorithm, and then make a virtual controller that - perhaps after error filtering - would transform raw record into files. The cost of such an operation is 2 thousand. PLN for the diagnosis and the same for recovering data, but only after a positive diagnosis.

If you photograph with a smartphone, life is simpler

1tb challenge samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition

Nowadays, a smartphone is the simplest, fastest and most accessible photographing tool. The only limit is memory capacity. One picture weighs from a few to about 10 MB, but times change quickly. Recently, I wrote about new matrices created by Samsung. The sensors have 64 and 108 megapixels and will soon conquer the market. One photo from a 64-megapixel matrix takes about 50 MB, so 20 photos will take up 1 GB of memory.

Even if your smartphone takes photos in a lower resolution, the memories of the smartphones are not made of rubber ... although they can be. It is worth choosing a device equipped with a microSD card slot, thanks to which we will expand the memory by another gigabytes. In 2019, however, the capacity problem may go into oblivion, if we choose the right device. I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition smartphone equipped with 1 TB of memory . That's 1024 GB of data space. Lucky people who acquire such a device can completely forget about the lack of space.

After all, it is worth taking care of backup, even in the event of loss of your smartphone.

If you shoot with a camera, your smartphone is also your ally

samsung galaxy s10 and s10 plus

Mobile data backup is quite a complicated topic in photography. Basically, it's best to use a computer to which we would rip material every evening, but that's not why we go on vacation to waste time on the screen.

Another option is mobile, independent external SSD drives, to which we can transfer the SD card from the camera, after which the drive will back up the material itself. The solution sounds like an ideal, but unfortunately it's extremely expensive. Prices fluctuate depending on capacity, and we will pay about PLN 2,500 for the 1 TB option. Quite a lot for a device with only one function.

If you do not want to take your computer and do not want to spend a large amount on a stand-alone SSD drive, your smartphone becomes your best ally. How to backup photos from a dedicated camera on your smartphone? Again, I will show it on the example of the Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition.

You can use one of three ways to copy pictures from camera to smartphone

The first is to copy files via Wi-Fi and the camera manufacturer's application. On vacation, this option is definitely the weakest due to the long time of sending material.

Another option is to connect the camera to a smartphone with a cable. In my case, I can do it with a USB-C - USB-C cable, after which in the file manager I can copy the selected material to the smartphone's memory.

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition 1tbchallenge

The third option is the least obvious. It is transferring the memory card from the camera to the smartphone. Cameras usually have an SD slot, and microSD smartphones, but this does not have to be a problem. All you need is a microSD card with an SD adapter. The adapter does not slow down the card in any way, and thanks to it you will be able to use the micro- and full-size SD sockets. What's more, the microSD card is one plastic cast, so there is no chance to fall apart. If something is physically damaged, it's probably only an adapter that we can easily and very cheaply replace with a new one.

After transferring the card to a smartphone, we can copy the photos directly to the memory of the latter. Then, any cloud service will help us, which will perform a backup as soon as we are in the range of a Wi-Fi network. In this way, we will back up the photos from the camera during the journey, without generating any costs. All you need is a smartphone with internet.

The capacity of the smartphone is a limitation, so choose a model with a large capacity

samsung galaxy s10 + performance edition

In this category, the absolute leader is the Samsung Galaxy S10 + Performance Edition equipped with 1 TB of data space. In practice, such a large capacity cannot be filled with photos, even when traveling around the world. 1 TB is, after all, the capacity of 16 64 GB SD cards.

The lucky ones who buy this smartphone will not only get a memory that changes the rules of the game, but also a fantastic camera, which is in a class of its own. Remember, however, about the backup, because the loss of 1024 GB of data can be very painful. Especially on vacation.

* The material was created in cooperation with Samsung.

Backup on vacation, or how to not lose travel photos


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