Artificial intelligence can find a dog? Let him find cancer now

It's time to sum up the ending week. What was happening? What did the journals write about? What was in the weeklies and monthlies? We are starting a weekend press review with the Publico24 Newsstand platform - the first Netfliks press in Poland.

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Ok, organizational matters are behind us. It's time to go to the summary of the week.

For £ 250 million, artificial intelligence will look for cancer

Artificial intelligence learns quickly. For example, the Google Photos app has learned how a dog looks and knows how to spot dogs in my photos. He also sees cars and buildings. Thanks to artificial intelligence, searching for photos has become easier. Just enter "child" and that's it. We only see photos of the child.

In Great Britain it was stated that if artificial intelligence is so smart that it can find a dog, then let it also find cancer. And now the British want to support doctors with artificial intelligence.

Algorithms are better than humans in detecting unwanted changes and can be tested by several people at the same time. In the Islands, they plan to spend a mountain of money to create a national laboratory of artificial intelligence for medical activities.

Artificial intelligence, however, must learn something:

According to specialists, even the most advanced algorithms will be useless without access to the databases of "real" patients, thanks to which they will learn to correctly recognize diseases. For example, the system supporting the detection of kidney diseases has "learned" from the results of approximately 1.5 million people. (...) half of the British are willing to share all their medical data for experiments, if this would help to better detect disease - we read in Newsweek in Publico 24 Newsstand.

The Eternal City has an eternal problem with garbage

Sorting out rubbish can cause a headache.

Yellow is plastic and metal. Blue is paper. Brown is bio. Gray is obviously green. Black is so-called mixed waste. Simple?

Not for the local waste collection company in my city. The employees responsible for ordering themselves make a mess themselves and regularly put bins in the wrong places in the garbage cans in my neighborhood. If a large inscription "plastic and metal" hangs on the wall, then you can be sure that you should throw paper there. How is that

To facilitate segregation, large boards with information about segregation zones were installed in the garbage cans. There are suitable pails in these zones. There should be adequate pails in these zones. But they are always mixed up, because when disposing of waste, the people responsible for ordering the bins place their buckets where they are comfortable, and not where the appropriate zone is.

It was supposed to be easier, and there is even more confusion. However, this is not a serious junk crisis. This is not even a crisis.

When you wonder which bucket to throw away a dirty diaper, and to which broken wooden toy, in Italy they have a junk armageddon.

A bad smell comes from around the corner. When I turn into a side street next to Termini station, the road is blocked by a garbage barricade. Cartons and boxes form a wall. Next to the overfilled containers lie a mountain of bags: blue, green, purple, black. Bones, skins, shells and other organic residues lie on the pavement. A seagull and two pigeons banquet with them. I plug my nose - with these words Agnieszka Zakrzewicz begins her text in Newsweek, which we read in Publico24.

The problem of rubbish is beyond the current authorities. It results from neglect in waste management and from structural delays. And he returns regularly. Almost every hot summer Rome is flooded with rubbish, and it has been getting worse every year for six years. However, for three years rubbish spill on the streets around New Year's Eve. So even in winter there is no peace from them.

In the article, the author tries to indicate the reasons for the junk apocalypse:

In December, one of three Tmb Salario waste collection and disposal plants in Rome burned, receiving almost a quarter of unsorted waste. The perpetrators could not be identified. In March a fire broke out at the twin plant in Rocca Cencia. Fortunately, the damage was smaller. In May there was a malfunction in Malagrotta, the largest dump in Europe. Rome cannot dispose of almost 5,000 tons of waste produced every day.

The city authorities are accusing the criminal world of triggering a junk crisis. The mayor says that he declared war on him ... which he is probably losing.

Italians throw old mattresses, TV sets and used clothes on the streets. Dogs pee wherever they fall - even at the restaurant door. Hardly anyone collects animal droppings. Selective garbage collection in Rome does not even cover half of the city's waste.

It is worth segregating!

When we think about recycling, we mainly reuse glass and paper. No wonder, after all, the purchase of bottles and waste paper existed in Poland long before the city landscape changed through colorful trash cans arranged everywhere.

Meanwhile, we have to stick to our minds that plastic should also be segregated and thrown into appropriate bins.

Why is this so important? Plastic garbage breaks down very, very, very, very slowly. Too slow for them to disappear naturally from our planet. Time is not the only problem. Let's give it a plastic bottle, if after the bivouac it was thrown somewhere on the lawn or in the bushes, there is a good chance that it will go to the river. There, he bumps a little bit on the stones and is thrown ashore. There it will dry, the sun will warm it, the plastic will start to crack and crumble. A higher water level will take her on a further journey. The situation will repeat several times before our bottle reaches the sea or ocean. Making the story short - that's how microplastics are made. That is, pieces of plastic less than 5 mm that are eaten by animals, drunk by them and people in water, which, despite filtering, can remain contaminated. Microplastic in the form of tiny grains is also present in the air. And we inhale it every day.

And plastic is a raw material. Sometimes it can be used as fuel for combustion in special industrial furnaces, which are able to obtain energy from it, and thanks to the advanced filtering system do not cause damage to air quality.

In contrast, a PET bottle can get a second life. If it goes to the sorting plant, it has a chance to reach the processing plant ( I was in such a processing plant, check my account ). There it will be washed, cut and processed into plastic granules. New PET bottles can already be made from them. But not only bottles:

We will not only get more bottles from used PET bottles. They can be used to manufacture clothes or toys. To make a T-shirt, 5 used 1.5-liter PET bottles are enough, 35 can become a sleeping bag, 36 - a rug, and from about 25 we will produce geotextile for a piece of 2x2 m city pavement or a highway 1 m long lane - we read in National Geographic in Publico24 Newsstand.

Electrician in pedestrians and cyclists

We stay on topics close to ecology and stuff. Because we're going to talk about electric cars now.

The European Union has noticed that electric and hybrid cars are quiet and increasingly popular. The combination of these two adjectives caused problems - pedestrians and cyclists do not hear that a car is driving and commonly falls under the wheels of electricians. At least it was recognized.

Therefore, it was decided that electric and hybrid cars traveling at speeds up to 20 km / h will have to emit a fairly loud sound (56 db). Above this speed, the sound should not be needed, because pedestrians and cyclists will already hear the noise of tires.

The provision allows some freedom in determining the type of sound. It can, for example, express the character of a brand, but it must resemble the work of an internal combustion engine - we read in Auto moto and sport in Publico 24.

You ask what I think about it? Don't you ask But I will write. I am convinced that in a few dozen or so years, when electric vehicles will lead the way and humanity will switch to better sources of energy, in history lessons kids and teachers will have a nice back (or as it will be said then) of this, that in 2019, electric cars in Europe were ordered to emit the clicking sound of a clicking loudspeaker.

Boss, give me a lawyer subscription

If you see the slogan "work in a young, dynamically developing team" in the job offer, then know that it was stupid to write to the owner of the company that he offers PLN 1,500 on hand.

If you see "stable employment conditions based on a contract of employment", then know that the owner is very proud that he no longer employs in black.

And if you see a "friendly atmosphere", then know that he really wanted to add a third benefit. Any.

And if you see the password "legal subscription", then know that you are reading on Publico24.

Yes, yes, my kind. Forget dynamic bands, flexible hours and a nice atmosphere. Now, employers often have to stand up to keep the best employees in the company. reports that a prepaid sports card is the most popular benefit an employer entices. However, the medical package is the benefit most desired by employees.

What to give to those who already have life everything (work in a young, dynamically developing team, stable employment conditions based on an employment contract, friendly atmosphere, gym card, medical package and chips for that)? Legal subscription - this is the answer.

In the realities of today's world, there are such a huge number of recipes for each of us that at the speed of their change it is difficult to find and adapt in everyday life. There are also unusual situations that we have to face, such as an incomprehensible letter from the office, someone will destroy something, we will destroy something to someone, our child or animal will harm someone, we buy something or sell and we do not understand the contract and many, many other cases - we read in in Publico24.

I don't know if you know, but we at Spider's Web also have a legal subscription. It works a little differently than it was written in and reacts to " Winnie help ". Yes Yes. Our website was created just for such reasons, which I quoted above.

It's good to have your dentist, car mechanic, family doctor, and if you have children, then a pediatrician. Every now and then a proven painter or someone who can do renovation, and puts floor panels and tiles with eyes closed and without brother-in-law.

It's good to have a lawyer today. We never know when someone will flood our apartment, enter our car or we will harm someone. Running a blog I also learned that in adult life at least once a week someone wants to sue you - and this is for what you wrote, and because you gave someone a ban and he can't write something.

It's good to have your lawyer. Winnie, thanks for being here!

And you, if you don't have your Winnie, then you have to go talk to the boss. Legal subscription is what you need.

Rompers: bike with USB

In previous "Pajacykach" at the end of the press I put a lot of photos with naked and half-naked ladies. There is no time to explain - click here to check out my latest press review from Publico24 .

I know that I have set the bar very high recently, but I have to disappoint you - we can't (always) build these games in the bar. But we can do other nice things.

And the Peugeot AE21 city bike, which I found in Auto moto and sport, is nice. Has an electric motor. Has a storage space for a bag. Has USB for charging a smartphone.


That's it for today. You keep warm and see you next time.

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If you also want to use the Publico24 Newsstand , you can do it absolutely for free. The service is paid, but Spider's Web Readers test for 7 days without fees.

  • Try Publico24 Newsstand for free . The password for free testing is: spidersweb

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Artificial intelligence can find a dog? Let him find cancer now


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