Apple will make life difficult for Facebook. Messenger and WhatsApp with limited data access

Apple turns the cock on Facebook, but also to other companies. It will do it cleverly, restricting access to background data in iOS 13.

It is about voice calls using VoIP, and in the case of Facebook two applications: Messenger and WhatsApp, which allow you to make such calls. Apple will prevent applications from running in the background when they are not in use. For example, WhatsApp uses this mechanism to implement end-to-end encryption, but Snapchat and WeChat are already using Apple's API for purposes not related to voice calls - reports The Information .

The Information sources say that the changes introduced in Apple iOS 13 will force Facebook to redesign the application. Facebook itself claims that it uses the Apple API not to collect data, but to provide - here a quote - "a world-class experience of sending private messages." At the same time, a Facebook representative admits that the changes introduced by Apple "are not insignificant."

Phillip Shoemaker, who heads Apple's app evaluation team, points to one more thread. In 2014, Facebook tried to leave the voice call function in its main application, although Messenger was already the messenger. Apple did not agree to such a move. Shoemaker also reminds that the Messenger application can use VoIP in the background, but it is not really clear what it uses.

Apple versus Facebook.

There are two ways to look at the issue described above. On the one hand, it is part of a public dispute between two companies - Apple and Facebook.

In 2018, Tim Cook criticized Facebook's approach to privacy in the context of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

We could earn a lot of money if we monetized our customers, if our customers were our product. (...) We decided not to do it. We will not trade your personal life. Privacy is a human right for us, civic freedom, "said Tim Cook in an interview with MSNBC .

This year Cook also criticized Facebook. In March - not mentioning the company by name - he noted that Facebook became a tool for promoting hatred.

For Facebook, the situation is so uncomfortable that it depends on Apple's grace or disgrace whether users will have access to the services of the world's largest social networking site on the company's devices.

The other side of the coin is that the Cupertino company is developing services to compete with those from Facebook. One of the most important of these is the iMessage messenger , whose expansion was noted by Zuckerberg himself during the meeting with investors.

During this year's developer conference, Apple announced another function that not only hits Facebook directly, but also the company's logic. It's about Log in with Apple , which is meant to make logging into third-party services not only convenient, but above all secure and private.

The leitmotiv of my recent texts on Facebook is a picture showing Mark Zuckerberg against the backdrop of Future is private. The head of Facebook deliberated on privacy at a conference for F8 develpers, while playing a hybrid of a converted sinner and a neophyte deadly taking privacy.

In fact, Zuckerberg posing against the backdrop of the slogan saying that the future is private, is an insult not only to common sense but also to elementary logic. Everything Facebook does is supposed to make us share some part of our lives. It is a value (or anti-value) inscribed in the company's DNA.

On the third page, it's important to remember that Apple also has privacy mishaps, as exemplified by the recent scandal involving eavesdropping on users via Siri .

Apple will make life difficult for Facebook. Messenger and WhatsApp with limited data access


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