Apple, Google and Microsoft will create together the largest medical database for their users

Apple, Google and Microsoft together with the largest health insurers and hospitals have announced a new initiative called CARIN Alliance. This is to be the largest medical database in the United States.

The key here is the standardization of the medical data format. All three companies: Apple, Google and Microsoft have for some time have their platforms on which information about the health of their users is collected. Apple also teamed up with many hospitals in the United States to enable patients to view important data such as vaccinations, laboratory results, medicines and vitamins through the Health app on iOS devices. Likewise, Microsoft has a HealthVault offer to store and store health and health information about its users.

A single standard is the end of the technological and medical tower of the babel

The idea of ​​monitoring the life functions of users of electronic gadgets and facilitating their access to their own medical data is as much needed and helpful as possible. So far, however, the problem was that someone who has used the Apple ecosystem for the last few years, after switching to the Microsoft platform, lost access to his medical history. In addition, there were also problems with the record itself of medical history - hospitals used different standards, which of course made life more difficult for patients.

Now, however, it has to change. The new standard specification for the recording of medical data will be developed by the CARIN Alliance, a coalition of health and technology companies that was established to support a consumer-oriented exchange of health information.

In addition to the technological giants mentioned above, the association also includes the largest insurers in the United States. The plan is simple and based on the CARIN Blue Button API data model, which is currently the most common standard for data sharing on health claims, which includes tests, medical appointments and medical procedures.

The standard is currently at the design stage, but the alliance hopes to test the specification later this year. It is currently limited to the USA. But let's hope that this standard will cross the Atlantic and will soon reach other countries.

This solution also has a few disadvantages

First of all: I will bet that sooner or later, insurers will demand full access to their clients' medical data, collected in real time by their fit-gadgets. At the beginning, it will probably be voluntary and rewarded with lower insurance prices. With time, however, I suspect that the biggest players will demand compulsory sharing of such data. This conflicts somewhat with my ideas about privacy and what and to whom I should share, but it may turn out that I am in the minority. We'll see.

The second problem is, of course, the sheer value of such a huge database with medical information about millions of Americans. I suspect that after its official launch, sooner or later she will fall victim to hackers. Well, unless the combined forces of Apple, Google and Microsoft will be able to secure it for any eventuality.

Apple, Google and Microsoft will create together the largest medical database for their users


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